Paris Saint-Germain vs. Manchester City – Match Report – September 28, 2021

Paris Saint-Germain vs.  Manchester City – Match Report – September 28, 2021

Paris Saint-Germain subscribed to efficiency, to drop their clothes against prolific Manchester City and wait for the flashes of their stars to give them their first 2-0 European victory, which reaffirms a good start to the season any championship.

A victory testifies to the project, although it has not yet found a good game and has been at the mercy of a deliberate but ineffectual city, which, despite its dominance, found Donnarumma inspiring.

The duel that was a reunion between Lionel Messi Pep Guardiola fell to the Argentine side, as much as the Spaniards could boast that his team deserved better luck, while the flea made up for his first performance as much as a modest Parisian.

The game rolled to the stifling rhythm imposed by the city and the Paris stars, who once again completed a Trident already certified as NMM (Neymar, Mbappe, Messi), only in brushstrokes, like geniuses.

PSG defended themselves to the best of their ability and had an inspiring goalkeeper Donnarumma, who played his first game in the Champions League and did not make Parque de los Principes long for Costa Rica. Keylor Navas.

But the English mechanism wasn’t right facing the goal, despite the fact that Mahrez and De Bruyne broke France’s defense on numerous occasions.

Mauricio Pochettino’s side survived and snatched victory thanks to an early goal Idrissa Joy And another in the last part of Messi.

A fine example of the PSG season, which is feasting on its second swordsman while waiting for the galaxies to shine even more powerfully.

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Because even the Argentine’s goal, the performance of the trident left much to be desired. Neymar foggy, Messi disappeared, and only Mbappe contributed some spice with his speed and power.

But it was the worker, Senegalese Guay, who opened the scoring, a lung that took out the brush in the 8th minute to lead the team Ederson The play started by Messi and accelerated by Mbappe and Neymar Marou before the Senegalese won the award.

He already has 4 in the last six matches of Paris Saint-Germain, which survives with the contribution of the least expected players, Ander HerreraJulian Drexler, Hakimi Heights Mauro Icardi.

City eagerly sought to equalize, and in the 26th minute, there was only a miracle that prevented him from achieving it, after smashing the ball twice on the crossbar in the same play, sterling and another. Bernardo Silva.

Then the Donnarumma Fiesta, filling the gaps opened by City, almost always Mahrez and De Bruyne, started in defence.

The French appeared on several occasions in Ederson’s area, always with genius starts from Mbappe, who twice served from the left side of the late Neymar’s area. One for Ander Herrera, whose shot from the edge of the area was answered well by the visitor’s goal, while the second failed to finish from close range. Marx.

Spanish University Carlos Del Cerro Grande, who was punished in yellow by De Bruyne severely to Guaye, to whom the French demanded more punishment.

The script remained unchanged in the first half and Donnarumma continued to keep his team afloat against Sterling and De Bruyne, waiting for them to wake up.

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Neymar made a trick in the 65th minute and after 9 minutes Messi appeared, who rebounded, leaned against a large wall of Mbappe’s stimulation and took the ball to Ederson’s team.

It is the seventh goal that Messi scored against Guardiola, more than any other player.

Only then did the England side’s trend waned, resigning to leave Paris empty, their first defeat in their last seven Champions League away games and their first in the group stage since 2018.

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