Tips for creating the perfect space

Tips for creating the perfect space

What comes to mind when we think about it Scenery? Perhaps, for many readers, it is a rather distant word, reserved exclusively for those with greater purchasing power. Our goal is to throw this idea off, decorating within everyone’s reach and it’s possible to do it with just a few items. In this note, we show you some tips for creating a space tailored to your needs.

But let’s start with the first thing: what we need. Too often, we take on a project because it’s beautiful, without really thinking about whether it will be useful to us, according to our lifestyle. For example, if we have a large family, we need a large dining room; Or if we live alone, this need dissipates.

How do we move in our spaces? This is another key question and one that is often overlooked as the key factor that has a lot to do with the previous point. If we know that we move a lot between the living room and the kitchen; Or if something is interfering with the passage of light, it is necessary to remove those things to make room for more capacity and ease of movement in the house.

The secret: highlighting what we love. All homes have something that makes them unique, which is what made us fall in love at first sight. With embellishment we can accentuate these aspects while hiding what we might not like very much.

Then comes a little of what we already know: what colors we want to use – choosing a range that suits our tastes – and how to make spaces more interesting – by changing textures and adding decorative elements, such as objects and plants.

There are two primary factors when decorating a space; The first is enlightenment. It is very important that every room in the house has good lighting, whether from the ceiling or with lamps, to make the rooms more diverse. Light plays a very important role in our perception of the environment and how we relate to it.

Finally, homes are not a furniture store. They are spaces inhabited by people with tastes and memories. We must not forget this, in fact, we must use this to make the spaces a little more for us.

Construblack, the choice to decorate your space

Construblack has arrived to position itself as a trade event with the greatest impact in the building, remodeling and decoration sector. A week consists of many discounts and promotions for the sector. The conference will be attended by suppliers of all kinds of materials and supplies, as well as contracting companies of all kinds and real estate developers.

In this first edition, to be held from October 16-23, innovation betting, the event will present a digital catalog that facilitates purchases. This catalog can be accessed from and you will have the option to download to your cell phone. Each store will offer different promotions, which will be reported on the Info Obras website,, on social networks and (digital and print) editions of the newspaper Ultima Hora and the newspaper Extra. In addition, they will display a poster with the event logo on their premises.

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