Paris vs Saint-Germain. Barcelona – Match Report – March 10, 2021

Paris vs Saint-Germain.  Barcelona – Match Report – March 10, 2021

Jordi Blanco (Reporter in Barcelona) – Barcelona bid farewell to Europe with its head high. With a great game, very enthusiastic in the first half, but not enough to beat that impossible comeback in Paris. He was fined 1-4 in the first leg and his indecision condemned him in the second leg, where capital Keeler Nawaz put an end to some of his hopes.

The PSG fired him again, as it had in 1995. This 2021 1-1 Keeler will be marked by the name of Navas and will be in good shape, at best for several minutes, growing into a Persia continuum, but not enough to endanger the French team’s classification … although there were several minutes when it floated in the environment, perhaps, there were some possibilities.

In the last breath of the first half the Costa Rican goalkeeper saved a penalty for Messi and began to understand that achieving the three goals needed to force extra time was an unattainable challenge. Up to nine times Bar பார்a finished the goal in a spectacular, majestic first half, dominating a dwarf, defensive PSG that aimed at the counter through Mbappé, but collectively surrendered to the command of a unique rival.

It was Keeler who completely changed the balance. He stopped Tempel one, two and three times, deflected him with a shot from the cross-chased Test, took a low shot from the baskets with his feet in front of him, and could not respond to Messi’s long-range missile. , Thus spitting the cross again on it.

PSG lucky? He was lucky not to have to work harder than necessary on the dive because it was enough for a team focused on protecting the income of the first leg, to play more with the head than the heart given by Parsia. He was always lucky, Lenlett, always pointed and inadvertently stepped on Icardi, thus the referee ruled to fine him 1-0.

There was Parsia before and after the night. Football, brilliance, dominance. Everything. Subtracting the target.

There is no wanting and no power

The game went to rest with that balance that Miracle had already suggested was completely complicated, but he wanted to continue, and he did, to Goman’s team,

Without the brilliance and freshness of the first half he continued to dominate and work the keeler.

Messi was not as fast as he used to be in a goal game, found the ball on the edge of the small area during the game, and the local goal miraculously flew back to the basketball-bound header, with the entrance to Tristano when Barcelona returned to him, to give the party a new parade

Parsia tried aggressively and passively until at least the last breath to win. He could not even enjoy that success, even though he deserved it … at least, he had the feeling that he had accomplished more than enough. The Eliminator lost it three weeks ago …

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