Pato O’Ward took the stage at the Detroit Grand Prix

Pato O’Ward took the stage at the Detroit Grand Prix

Pato O’Ward finishes polar at the Detroit Grand Prix and finishes third in the race

Mexican Pato Overt took the stage in Detroit, Where he started from the polar position (second this season), he finished third at the end of this Saturday’s race and stayed in the fight for the title.

From the start of the race, Montessori native Rinus Weeke fought with Marcus Eriksen and Frenchman Romain Grosjean.

In a flat race marked by 24 crashes in Rosenquist’s lap, he hit the wall after accelerating on Turn 6 and sent him straight to the wall.

Grosjean retired from the podium for Pato, he crashed into a wall, he did not react when he tried to start the car, giving the overdue opportunity to fight with the leaders. After the event’s second red flag, Ericsson stopped Rinas VK and Pato Overd for the flag, which was checked in a three – lap race.

VK and O’Ward enjoyed a straight fight on the last lap, benefiting Eriksen, who secured his victory away from his followers, while the Mexican were only 0.1815 away from finishing second.

Currently the 22-year-old Mexican driver from Arrow McLaren SP is in second place with 248 points, while leader Alex Palu holds 263 units in the Chip Kanasi racing.

Ericsson became the seventh weirdest winner in the first seven races this season, and in 2021 became the fourth champion in his career alongside Alex Palo, O’Ward and VK.

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