Patrick Beverley thinks the Celtics should change their game

Patrick Beverley thinks the Celtics should change their game

It’s been one of the great debates in the NBA for quite some time. Boston has been among the elite of American competition for years, but hasn’t been able to get a hold of the track; Moreover, last year, when they seemed to have everything to play the Finals for the second year in a row, they lost in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Miami Heat.

The defeat of these Florida natives intensified the debate. With Jaylen Brown entering the final year of his contract, the Celtics had to decide whether to give him the super cap or look for a deal to change course. And as we all know, they chose the former and signed the extension for five years and $304 million.

The Greens have chosen their path. They are basically betting the next five years on the couple formed by the aforementioned Jason Tatum and Brown. It doesn’t look bad at all. They have already shown that they can win a lot of matches and go far in the playoffs. However, there are doubts about whether this project can gain support; It was also voiced by Patrick Beverly on his podcast in conversation with a listener when he asked if Tatum and Brown could win together.

“No. They’re two players that are too similar and don’t complement each other enough.” This is how the veteran shows himself Protect On whether the current Celtics team will ever achieve glory under such superstars.

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It is clear at this point that the answer will only come with time, but it is no less true that the windows are closing eventually. Boston has been looming for many years without being able to be the last one standing and needs that to happen sooner rather than later.

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