“We need to put together a good team.”

“We need to put together a good team.”

The Real España coach has stated that he would like to form his own team for the 2024 Clausura tournament. What did he say about Olancho’s controversial goal?

Royal Spain Complete the failure by not qualifying for the playoffs Slot Championship After a 1-1 draw Olancho FC In closing that stops the heart from normal turns.

Miguel ValeroThe number three coach who took charge of Orenegro in the current competition, showed his face in the middle of elimination and announced that he will continue to lead the third club with the most domestic titles in the country.

The Uruguayan also spoke about the controversial goal Kimsey Abbott In Olancho’s draw on the field Juan Ramon Prive from Juticalpa: “I want to build my team”

How do you evaluate Real España’s performance against Olancho FC?

When we played the match, because the draw was in favor of Olancho, there were some situations where the team had a chance. Olancho’s attackers were not finished. In short, the parity that was previously shown in the result appears and I think the team that did things better passes.

Do you feel the pressure of being dumped prematurely?

Being in a team like Real España, the pressure is always there. What there is pressure is to make the next team. These six matches were all about evaluation, getting as many points as possible, fighting for a potential ticket to the league and all that. Now we need to put together a good team, we believe we can do that, and as much as we can do that and take it to the field, Real España will have a competitive team which is what we all want.

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Olancho’s goal was offside

We knew how difficult some positions the opponent was facing. We were dealing with the ball, and we did not have the possession that we had in previous matches. We were in the match and they began to treat our injuries. We fought as hard as we could and tried to reach the opponent’s goal with an air ball and be able to score. Unfortunately, it did not reach us. There is some doubt about the goal as it looks like an advanced position for Olancho.

Connect with the machine

I arrived knowing the difficulties and took responsibility because I had to do it, for the sake of the people I knew, because of what I liked about the organization and that’s the way things were. Now I would like to form my team.

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