Patti Canto opens her heart and talks about her private life

Patti Canto opens her heart and talks about her private life

With 20 years in the music scene, Patti Canto She was very reserved for her private life, but the epidemic and the changes that occurred in her daily life prompted her to open doors and finally tell the love story behind every song for her, which in the latter case, ?? My district ??He talks about how to break his heart.

It is a painful and true love story. I think many of us can experience it if we are lucky enough to fall in love, but nobody tells you that when you get to know a soulmate, that doesn’t mean he will be with you, because a lot of times life will separate from those paths. The translator said this happened to me and for the sake of mental health, he told me I should hate him, and I need to remember why is it good not to have him here ??.

As those thoughts and tears continued to flow down her face, she came into the studio and wrote the song with it Andres Torres and Mauricio RingivoIt was then that I realized I couldn’t, it might be better for me to learn and understand that there are many types of love and they may not be with you, but the feeling is there.

Kanto doesn’t mind telling the background to the song, he felt it was time to show that there was someone behind every combination, because he’s not making music just to have a song, but rather he does it to heal, accompany and defend him. Life and every song is his life despite not knowing the names of those he loves.

It was reserved, because when I started there was a lot of manhood and it was important for the conversation to be my music, to grow as a composer, producer, or part of a board Grammy Latinius. The translator said: I needed credibility and if I opened the door to my personal life, they would no longer talk about my professional efforts, or my struggle for equality.

at ?? I hate you ?? Collaborating with Venezuelan singer Laso, who is also involved in the video they recorded in the event of a pandemic, after filming it PCR tests To avoid infection, a chemistry was actually made between them in the group which further reinforced the heartbreak story.

?? Since we composed the song we wanted it in duo. He added, “ I knew that whoever was going to sing would take the voice of that person who broke my heart, but in this song only I do not demonize him, the singer’s voice had to be a lot of good ?? ”.

Written by Patricia Villanueva Valdez

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