Patti Canto shows the backside in a tight swimsuit

Patti Canto shows the backside in a tight swimsuit

Patti Canto He amazed his fans after he decided to share some hot swimsuit photos on his Instagram account, and in each of them he focuses his back to be able to flaunt it, and we can even see the tattoo he has on his back and this is that the tight swimsuit perfectly adheres to your curves.

No matter how good the images are, an Mexican singer He decides to attach the post to a message confirming that it is richer than chocolate and then asks for an apology for how humble his message was, but indicates that he wants a lot of talk and with the post he’s promoting self love, In his words.

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This post made the former member of the duo If It became a trend in social networks, where his fans took the opportunity to share their admiration for not only Pati Cantu’s body, but also her talent, and above all they noticed that a new song would be released soon. To see Patti Kanto in a swimsuit, click Here.

This new song is expected to be released on March 18th, while on March 19, the movie “Costume for NicholasThrough Disney + streamed as a singerBipolar heartResponsible for dubbing one of the film’s protagonists and will also sing a song for the feature-length film.

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Undoubtedly, Patti Kanto’s talent has made her one of many fans, since she was at LU, but later when she was launched as a soloist, she fell in love with many with her album.I’m aloneWhere a single song with the same name is included, in addition to other songs such aslet me go“Yeah” not enough“.

And does that with songs like “Fortunately not youPatti Canto has managed to put herself all over the place, which is why she was one of the favorite artists to win the reality show Who is the Mask? But in the end he lost to another great opponent, talking about himself Maria Lyon Or as she likes to call herself, Sgt. Leon.

Although, he did not win Who is the mask? He managed to increase his fame, especially because in the context of reality, he also released a song with Lasso, ”I hate youIt’s so liked, that it has already garnered more than 2.5 million views on YouTube.

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Patty Cantu raises her voice

Of course, Patti Kanto’s music career wasn’t easy despite her talent, in fact, days ago Singer-songwriter He talked about his beginnings on LU and how he was not allowed to present more than two songs on the album, plus he was not allowed to compose for anyone else.

But over time he managed to compose for Alejandra Guzmán, and although he made his way, the salary he was getting was not the same as those of his colleagues like Mario Dome or Sandoval, just because of the fact that he was Women They paid her less, but despite those setbacks, the artist was making her way into the world of music.

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