Patty Lopez de la Cerda was diagnosed with mobility impairment and epilepsy

Patty Lopez de la Cerda was diagnosed with mobility impairment and epilepsy

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Sports host, Patty Lopez de la Cerda He broke the silence and shared his serious health condition through his social networks You are not allowed to speak and suffer from epileptic seizures, In addition to “invisible handicap”.

Lopez summed up through his Instagram account the hard way he has had to live since then Last December 28When he started feeling an unusual heart rate and ended up in the hospital, which is where he has been home since nearly last month.

After endless studies and a lot of burnout, I finally managed to get my Medical diagnostics, A disease that affects the autonomic nervous system, which he explained briefly as A. ‘Invisible disability’, Which It has no cureBut it can be controlled with various medicines and care. “

But despite the diagnosis, the pretty driver confirmed that she was not feeling well I was constantly speechless.

“I have episodes where Out of nowhere I stop talking really well I only have the energy for the bare minimum of necessary things, “he said, in addition to his prone to a minor seizure.

After the new Medical, neurological and endocrine studies Get it Rule out tumors, brain damage, viruses or bacteria It was damaging his brain, but the diagnosis finally came, and he also had a motor impairment He was diagnosed with epilepsy.

Patti appears somewhat absent from social networks, but is very optimistic in the face of adversity.

Knowing that from day to day, this will be a part of my life forever. But I feel encouraged because I know that I will be fine. Epilepsy and dyspnoea can be controlled with medication So, in all likelihood, I am very grateful that you found these two things that I have. “

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