Paul George’s Nightmare in the Bubble

Paul George’s Nightmare in the Bubble

Paul George is waiting to return to play for the Clippers after sustaining an elbow injury, but while that time comes, the Clippers star has taken the time to visit former teammate Serge Ibaka, who presented the fourth season of his show How Hungry Are You where his guests share some things about their lives and test their skills in Kitchen.

In this talk, Paul George revealed a topic that after some time continues to spread among NBA players who have had to spend time in the bubble, just as the world was facing the first part of the pandemic.

We all remember the erratic Clippers who, after beating the Mavericks in the first round, blew a 3-1 lead over the Nuggets to lose to Jamal Murray and his cohorts. Criticism of these clippers was strong, especially against Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, who were on duty in that series.

Time passed and in speaking with Serge Ibaka, Paul George admitted part of what he went through at the time of the bubble, a situation that not everyone enjoyed, as the Clippers player comments:

“It happened to me a lot, and it was that I couldn’t sleep. I don’t know what was going on, but I’m not lying, maybe for a week and a half or two I didn’t sleep at all, I didn’t sleep at all. I’m not lying, I lay in my bed, I ran my mind Just, I ran, I tried everything, I used apps, I tried therapy, chewing gums to sleep and they didn’t know it“.

It was not easy to deal with these issues especially if they were combined with a situation related to basketball:

“There’s nothing else to do in there, you’re surrounded by basketball, there’s no escape, there’s no way out. We’re stuck in hotel rooms, all we have are our phones, you go on social media, you see a meme, a joke. Put it all together and no I could sleep, I just lost, it was hard.

Very interesting Paul George confessions, plus all the talk he had with Serge Ibaka, so if you want to keep an eye on him, we’re sharing this chapter of the new season of the Milwaukee Bucks player show today.

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