Paul Merson in Paul Pokmon: If you want to be about yourself you go and play snooker | Football News

Paul Merson in Paul Pokmon: If you want to be about yourself you go and play snooker |  Football News

Paul Merson believes Paul Pogba would have known about Mino Riola’s claim of his delight at Man Utd, and encouraged the Frenchman to “go and play snooker” if he wanted to center the game around himself.

Bogba’s agent says he “needs a landscape change” and that Manchester United should consider loading him. Or face the possibility of losing him in a free transfer because he has no intention of extending his current contract.

Merson believes the report would have come to light in a team that recorded their interest in Bogba with Rocola, and that things were not working out at Old Trafford because United did not dominate the games and could not turn him into the center of attention.

Does football match? Go and play snooker!

The writing seems to be on the wall for Pokmon in Manchester United

In light of Riola’s statement at Old Trafford that Bogba could not “express himself as he pleases”, Mergan Bokba insists he is a part of a team and must play a personal game if he wants to be proud.

“The style of football does not suit him. He plays on a football team. He’s not a snooker player. He plays with 10 other players. You join a team.

“It’s not like the most defensive team man UTD you’ve ever seen. Look at Tottenham! I did not hear Harry Kane and son moan. If you want to be everything about yourself you go and play snooker.

Mino Royola
Mino Rayola said Pogo was not able to “express himself” as he would like

“He knew the report was going out, it’s his agent. He’s going to play dumb, he’s going to go back he does not know, but he’s sure he knows. He also knows that there is a club he is interested in.

“They want to get out: they’m not going to humiliate themselves by saying ‘Paul wants to get out’ and then no one is coming for him. Everything is already lined up on Pok போகmon’s side!

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“An agent doesn’t come out and say a player wants to leave there uninterested. Pogba knows what his agent is doing: Riola has a club for him. You keep asking about Ronaldo returning to Man Utd – can it be a scream – can he go to Ronaldo?”

That’s why Pokாmon didn’t click

Paul Pogba was featured in all three matches for France during the recent international break
Merson believes Boca Mann will not be able to dominate UTD games as much as he could for France or Juventus

Merson continued: “It doesn’t really work for him, the guy can play, I’ve seen him in Juventus and France and you won’t win the World Cup if you can’t play.

“When he played for Juventus, they dominated every football game they played. They had 70 percent of the ball and you’re going to touch it 40, 50 times more than you did in Man Utd, so you ‘re going to do three or four more good things in one game.

“When you have so much talent, when you touch the ball 100 times, you’re going to do things. But it’s not all going to go through Paul Pogba.

“It’s hope. We can all say: ‘Paul Pokba is that good?’ It’s all hope.The guy can play, but we never talk about his confidence.

“Is Bruno Fernandez a better player than Paul Pogba? Not technically. But now he sees it. He plays with complete freedom, all the confidence in the world.

“Some places don’t work for people. There’s always been a ‘fit’ for a player where you enjoy your football, but with Pokாmon, it doesn’t seem right from day one.”

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Carra: Bokba is not worth the hassle

Paul Pogba has been linked with a move to Manchester United ahead of their Champions League game.  Trains with Leipzig.


Jamie Carragher believes Paul Pogba is fully aware of what his agent Mino Riola is saying and thinks Manchester United should remove him if possible.

Speaking of Monday Night Football, Jamie Kraker He called Bogba and Riola “shameful” and urged Manchester United to move the French at an early stage.

“Let go. I’ve been saying this for 12 months. He’s the most valued player I’ve ever seen in my life. I think they ‘both been a disgrace. We all now blame the agent,’ Ask Pogba – what does he think? ‘

“Agents of this day and age, they are not just agents. They are a parent, they are a best friend, they are a financial advisor, they book the holidays, they go away from each other.

“He’s going to be Bogba’s best partner, so Bogba knows exactly what’s coming out of his mouth – if he’s not, he’s going to fire his agent. It’s very easy.

Paul Pogba says Mino Royola


Paul Pogba’s agent Mino Riola told French midfielder Manchester United that he was ‘unhappy’ and that he should leave the club at the summer transfer window.

“With Cristiano Ronaldo at United, there was always talk that he was going to go to Real Madrid and almost everyone knew he was going to go to Madrid at some point.

“Man United had to harass it because he deserves to be harassed. Pok போகmon deserve to be harassed. Get rid of him.”
The issue for United is that, according to Karkar, the 27-year-old will find a suitable case.

“Real Madrid or Barcelona have no chance in the world to buy him,” he added.

“I’m already blunted by Arsenal’s performance today, but I will be blunted again if they come for him. I will not go anywhere near him.”

‘One step up, two steps behind Pok்பmon’

Ole Gunner shares his delight with the return of Soulscare United
Ole Gunner Soulscare United shares his joy with Pok போகmon again

Analysis from Sky Sports’ Penn Ground:

The use of the latest media by Mino Riola to warn those who are alarmed about the availability of Paul Pogba is noteworthy at its time. Less than a month from the January transfer window, and within 48 hours of the midfielder making his first decent 45 minutes this season in a Manchester United shirt.

Bokba, along with his teammates, was bad against West Ham in the first half. But one impact of good luck was in United’s favor – Dean Henderson’s permission seemed to curl back into play, ending Boko Haram’s pass from Bruno Fernandez.

This triggered a 13-minute purple period with Pok்பmon on the side of the OK Gunner Soulschair. In the end, he made more touches (121) than any other player and completed more passes (91).

Bokba showed his mettle when United won 3-1 at West Ham
Bokba showed his mettle when United won 3-1 at West Ham

But this is what should have led viewers to reconsider their opinion on the value of Pokmon on the United side – Tuesday night’s R.P.

Testimonies against opponents at London Stadium – including Jamie Carragher – suggest that Pok்பmon and Fernandes could not play together. The Portuguese sent Bogba seven times – more than any other player – who completed only 11 passes to Aaron van-Pisaga (15) than the 11 he gave to Boca Fernandez.

The pair should re-ignite the debate over whether United’s midfield can make up two-thirds, but the focus is back on the old agenda.

The 2018 World Cup winner has been fit for some time following ankle surgery earlier this year and a positive Govt test, but has become a bit-part player at United.

France manager Didier Deschamps said the 27-year-old ‘could not be happier’ about his situation at the club last month, a week after the player admitted his ‘stupid mistake’ in admitting the penalty that handed United the first home. Defeat for Arsenal since 2006.

Bogba’s talent, no doubt, returns quickly to West Ham, but throughout his second spell at Old Trafford it went one step further, two steps behind.

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