Pedro Trueglio, without fear of a Jankel: “We have no problems playing at 11.00 in the morning or 2.00 in the evening” – ten

Pedro Trueglio, without fear of a Jankel: “We have no problems playing at 11.00 in the morning or 2.00 in the evening” – ten

Pedro Trueglio, Olympia coachInstead of responding to the controversy of his rivals, he praised Marathon Who said he liked the way he plays after winning the first leg 2-0.

Trujlio commented that he was not interested when the second leg was when he said he was shocked Said Martinez He canceled a goal when he had already decided then the dummy VAR tech appeared. He explains that in order to be a hero there should be no excuses and praises the work of Eddie Hernandez.

We see. See here the IDA goals for Olympia

Nothing has been said yet: “We’re 90 minutes away, there’s still a long way to go, that’s progress. We have to know we’re going to a tough stadium, our schedule and the temperature. Nothing won more than the first half. I tried to be offensive and ended up defending because I changed hands.” Midfield in the second half, but by entering Patton Mejia we dismantled the defense and thank God we won 2-0 and a goal was canceled. “

Controversy of canceled goal by Jonathan Baz: “The goal canceled has been validated. They removed the video assistant verdict, they were warned from above, it was well canceled, and it seems to me that it has already been validated and that is the cause of the outrage, but it’s okay, that’s it. 2-0 is not.” Little result. “

Moments when Olympia coach Pedro Trueglio claimed referee Christian Ramirez was scoring the disallowed goal.

The rematch schedule: “It seems to me that it is a normal difference, it does not guarantee anything because we are visiting. It’s a critical schedule but that’s it. Before, the duel was decided on Saturday, but I heard no one complained and it was because we didn’t know who would qualify. Uncomfortable for both of us, you have to get up at 6:00 am and have a strong breakfast. It’s uncomfortable to play football but everything is open and we are facing a tough team like Marathon but I’m satisfied with my players who have risen to the occasion. “

We see. This was the political goal that Olympia was canceled. Was there a mouse?

The equipment did not fall off: “The good thing is that all the players are as we want, the good thing is that the effort is not negotiated here, you can play badly or regularly, but don’t sacrifice. If they don’t take care of themselves they won’t have that strength. Players eat healthy food, take care of themselves.” In their own lives to maintain this level and play many Concacaf finals and games. They are doing things well. “

Samuel “Shama” level of Cordoba: “It had a tremendous development. When he got to pre-season he couldn’t stand it. When we got started, I had Alvarado and Portillo and he stayed out in soccer training, never took a bad face, never said anything to me, kept working, and he’s likable. Very in the team and now he’s an important person doing a great job. He doesn’t expose himself in public and insult me ​​at the family table, then he works … I go to war with these players. “

Eddie Hernandez and his good form: “He is a national team player. In Olympia, it is important that we always have flowers and they tell us nice things. We came from playing a role at Concacaf and when we lost I was the worst and he thought the tournament was over. You have to be calm, so here Jerry Bengtsson recovered and he does not.” Flawless and it’s good that this has happened to many. We know we are part of an important team and we have to win every match, but many players like Olympia do it badly. I’m fine with the forwards, with Happy Eddie, the same with Arboleda that comes On shift and does not say anything. “

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He does not care about the schedule: “Today we came from playing every three days and in a final like Motagua and in brutal conditions. Pablo Martinez (physical trainer) did a good job. We have no problems playing at 11.00 in the morning or 2.00 in the afternoon, if it will rain rather and it will be good. We are going to. A tough stadium and I love this marathon, it has fast players, personalities, men who handle the ball well, with an excellent goalkeeper, he won and made us look terrible at a Yankle. They made us play at 11.00 am and hope to be champions. Because when we’re done we have to be champions. We’re getting on a plane to go to Costa Rica and the fans will want us to win there too. “

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