Focus – health permission

Focus – health permission

TheThe people of those times were of course slight. I originally had a hospital in what was a barracks for the American occupation forces and after that the San Vicente de Paul was built.

Three doctors, principal managers, were responsible for providing tremendous services from these centers to the community; The only condition required to have it inserted is to be sick, regardless of the patient’s other conditions. Even beggars were helped.

Tejada, Rojas and Uvali, respectively, as the city grew, they established private clinics. Remarkably, however, his dedication to public service remained the same. Tejada specialized in Germany as a skilled surgeon. Rojas from Mocha came with very positive signs of his ability; But it was Ovalle who always seemed the most typical to me. He had never traveled abroad and trained as a student-resident of Pina de San Cristóbal, but it was to the astonishment of his class as a surgeon and at the same time notoriously as a high-ranking internist.

I’ll call from the latter an episode from the end of his short life; He had been suffering from diabetes since he was a teenager, and he knew, according to his self-diagnosis, that he would not live more than forty years. In fact, we are left at 4.

My wife, who owes him a debt of gratitude for his wonderful care of young children, told me when we traveled to bring him down to Earth: “He was a wise man, but wicked, like all diabetics; this will be a low-profile burial.”

What was your surprise when you arrived at the church? To meet the huge crowd he mourned. The poor Domingito accompanied his beloved, and heard in tears the tears of his services to every family. This was the noble and secretive messenger who never boasted, nor let his immense devotion to divers be foretold.

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In short, every city had its own wonderful public hospitals and doctors, when cards were not needed. The condition was sufficient, as I said.

I know very well that for reasons related to space I have been forced to delete the titles of doctors that are revered by the societies of the republic: Toribio, Lavandier, España, Morel, Capilan, Piccardo, Moscoso, Goico, Peter, and many others who have served health in the city, some of them focus on the saints, but all humans Wonderful people who will need to write an Encyclopedia of Goodness to be able to describe their quiet days in support of families in the misfortunes of their losses. Cunhardt was, for the northwestern region, a model that could be compared to Ovalle in all respects. This appears to have been largely lost as a mystery.

There appears to be dehumanization in the demanding and delicate part of the service, but still much more because of the strength of the solidarity and passionate nature of the Dominicans.

At the end of these pages, I receive a painful message from life: Dr. Carolina de la Cruz is dead, when she discovered her Christian desire to train young professionals and her generous expressions of solidarity with those who have overcome disease.

Another version of Domingo Ovalle appears to be the secret of his mission, according to what I have been able to learn from grateful testimonies.

The latter is the thing that leads me to ponder the possibility that the growth of cities, their lights, and their crazy innovations may be generating an appearance of dehumanizing our medical class and it is good that testimonies are not postponed until after sensitive accounts losses from their deaths. What you need to do is work to restore this mystery at a time when the towns were small.

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In any case, I declare myself convinced that our nature as a people helps greatly to exercise solidarity and compassion. What we lack is an active awareness of cohesion and weaving the soul as a means of strengthening the national presence.

Therefore, there are no real reasons to cancel charity. There are many unknown heroes who sacrifice themselves and what we have to do is strive to get to know them and glorify them as they deserve. In these difficult times that the country is going through, we desperately need examples, and this is the coastline that opens the way for leadership and pushing the nation towards optimism, realizing that “everything is not lost.” That what remains is for us to do with God’s help, because we have always depended on his grace as a people.

Believing in the virtues and virtues among the many who have already left and refined them is a great way to encourage improvement, now more than ever, when we can once again be subjected to the rigorous test of ridicule and insult on a global scale, which will perhaps prevent the pandemic from being as toxic as it was in its time. Geopolitical Obama.

The truth is that we must raise national honor on all fronts and that the correctness and self-denial that is required is really crucial to respect. The authenticity of that time, which is not surpassed by the current technology-based, but on mercy.

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