People like Larcamón direct Puebla, but not America: Adrián Chávez

People like Larcamón direct Puebla, but not America: Adrián Chávez

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Don’t have what it takes to set foot in Coapa? Extremely cruel words from an American legend against Nicholas Larcamonthe sensation coach in Liga MX who seems more determined as the weeks go by to be next in charge, but doesn’t seem too convinced of someone who knows American DNA perfectly.

refer to Adrian Chavezthe goalkeeper of the Eagles between the eighties and nineties, who Consider Larcamón “a coach for a club like Puebla” And even they dared foresee disaster if they called the young Argentine the next strategist, because He considers it a case similar to that of Santiago SolariClausura, which was kicked out in this 2022.

“It would be wrong to call him (Larcamon in America) because the same would happen with Solari. Leading Puebla is not the same, a team that can be led by people like himYoung people, with due respect,” the former goalkeeper told the newspaper register.

His argument continued with the fact that In the Gaza Strip, there is no pressure, even from a distance, like the eagles They openly accused that there were interests of promoters to promote the young helmsman to be next to the capital.

“This team doesn’t have pressure, it doesn’t have press, it doesn’t have people, it doesn’t have everyone at its head. America is something else, we who were here. We know what America is and no one can lead it‘, he announced.

“I’m telling you that for me, the promoters (those who want to put Larcomon in America) as always, there is something,” he added.

America will already have a show for Larkamon

In his daily column for Half the time, Miguel Arispe I mentioned that the Club Coapa “He will do everything he can financially to hire Nicholas Larcamon.” This would pay off the termination clause that Puebla had set in his most recent contract.

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