Peru Lieber: Health and education will be a priority for the bench | News

Peru Lieber: Health and education will be a priority for the bench |  News

The elected congressman and spokesperson for the Peruvian Lieber seats, Alex Paredes, stressed that the priority of this group in Parliament will be health and education, both sectors being severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The first thing is the issue of health and life, this vaccine is the way in which the various activities of the pyruvians can be restored to normal,” he told Radio Exetusa.

Second, he defines, education, “because we cannot continue to look at how students who do not have the resources to pay for internet and electricity, do not enjoy their human right to education.”

The electoral legislator noted that the new constitution and the Constituent Assembly are separate topics and will not be “the only science that will guide all our work.”

Other important issues, Paredes added, are revitalizing small and micro businesses, agriculture, transportation and population security.

At another time, he noted that the seat of the Peru Libre comes to Congress to teach and demonstrate a different way of doing politics, in order to restore the credibility of the population, but above all to leave an example in the new generations about the way to conduct politics.


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Publication date: 7/17/2021

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