Pictures of the luxurious dinner of the San Remo Festival at the Hotel Nacional cause outrage on social networks

Pictures of the luxurious dinner of the San Remo Festival at the Hotel Nacional cause outrage on social networks

Pictures Luxurious private dinner at the National Hotelafter closing this Sunday from Sanremo Music Awards Festival In Havana, he sparked outrage on social networks.

“What You Didn’t See in San Remo (Illegal): The Banquet Held by the Communist Leadership at the National Hotel after the event,” reads text accompanying photos of the gourmet food posted on the reporter’s Facebook profile. Yosnabe Perez.

In another post, it was posted on the Facebook profile of Eduardo Qi Rishirayou can see long tables overflowing with dishes Premium meat and vegetablesAnd perfect sweets; and chefs, with the Hotel Nacional logo on their uniform, while preparing food or decorating dishes.

The Angry reactions from users about the luxury that contrast with the lack of food faced by Cubans On a daily basis, it didn’t take long to come.

“And we are starving because of these miserable people who have destroyed my country, my country, and the country of all Cubans. Wretched,” writer Rafael Filches commented in the publication.

From the concert organized by the communist dictatorship, called San Remo, where the middle level competed with the workers of the sausage factory, photos were taken like this banquet. The communist dictatorship reads, the real siege Posted by journalist Boris Gonzalez Arenas.

Photo: Facebook Ysnaby Perez

“While people are only suffering from shortage and extreme misery,” said Ana Belques Ferrer-Garcia, sister of union leader and political prisoner Jose Daniel Ferrer.

Asked Cuban-American poet and academic Jesus Parque, commenting on Yosnabe Perez’s post, referring to a Brazilian theologian who became an advisor to the Cuban government for nutritional education, “And what was Fray Peto around?” on national television, Cubans advise frying the peel of potatoes or making use of the leaves of some vegetables.

Photo: Facebook Ysnaby Perez

Organized personally by the Cuban First Lady Not Cuesta Peraza, the San Remo Music Awards festival was seen as an attempt to attract visitors and revitalize the tourism sector in Cuba, which has been stagnant due to the pandemic; At the same time, Whitening the image of the Cuban government after repression and imprisonment after the outbreak of last July 11 social.

She has been mired in controversy for months when Many international artists such as Kalimba and duo Andy and Lucas have canceled their participationunder public pressure.

The Spanish singer stated: “I will not support any dictatorship and will always support freedom” Alex Obagoanother who distanced himself from the event, after announcing his participation.

The realization of the San Remo Festival in Havana became, then, a crusade for the ruling party in Cuba. Newspaper Granma He said the cancellations were part of a “musical terrorism against Cuba”.

The organizers ended by confirming that the festival would take place Despite the controversy and a barrage of cancellations.

The Cuban first lady and prominent chief organizer of the festival, who appeared controversially on Twitter, presented the event, which was finally held from April 5-10, as a political victory.

But they did not take advantage of the truce? So, I tell you that #CubaVive and its revolution too,” Cuesta Perazza wrote on the social network and shared a photo of the San Remo Music Awards celebration, where He mocked those who decided not to participate in order to distance themselves from the system.

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