Blue Demon Jr. announced. Already about the last fight of his career

Blue Demon Jr. announced.  Already about the last fight of his career

Blue Demon Junior has been around for a while, but talk of retirement doesn’t scare him. On the contrary, He’s already planning what it will be like the last time he puts on his shoes, cape, and mask Which has accompanied him for nearly 40 years a path.

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But before he left the sport of kicking, the son of “Almanota” He wants to prepare the new rookie 100 percent Who will be responsible for preserving the legend of the Blue Devil.

First I introduce my little onesSpecifically in March and April of next year, I will fight with him for a while, and leave him ready for you and the public, and Take a retirement tour for a year or a year and a halfBlue Demon Jr. said.

When asked where he would like this final performance to be, Blue Demon dreams of a private stage in which to say goodbye, even… It is not excluded that the last job will be in San Luis Potosi.

“I would like everything to be in one place, for it to be in Mexico, for all the states of the Republic to be there, I would like it to be, but it is impossible. The last battle I’m going to fight, I still don’t know where I’m going to do it“But if they tell me I feel happy here (San Luis Potosi), and if they say that in Mexico I feel happy, so the mayor has the say,” the Blue Devil said.

After hearing that suggestion, The mayor of the capital took the microphone and promised to give him headquarters To perform Blue Demon Jr.

Blue Demon Junior. It could be a headquarters for the final battle

“I promise you once and for all, if we begin this process when you decide, Blue Devil, It has the Plaza de San Luis Potosi, of course, it’s a commitment from the mayorsaid the capital’s mayor, Enrique Galindo Ceballos, who, by the way, wore a blue devil mask and performed the trick on the fighter.

On the other hand, Blue Demon talked about why the mask battle against DMT Azul has not happened yet, a rivalry that continues to grow and Which many fans would like to see.

“In wrestling you win and you lose, no matter how much you prepare, luck has a very important factor, and that’s why I didn’t want to enter into bets on the loser and the loser (at home) reaching the finals, no.” I think this boy (DMT Azul) is hungry enough to want to take off my mask. And I am hungry to continue wearing it, which is why I did not accept mask against mask in such circumstances. If mask against mask happens, it must be done in direct combat.”

Blue Demon will be introduced today in a show that will begin at 4:30 p.m. In El Duomo with Mexican wrestling figures such as Alberto Del Rio from Potosi, Los Angeles Park, Vampiro Canadien, Texano Jr. among other wrestlers.

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