pitbull with hair? Networks explode after the viral image of the reggaeton player

pitbull with hair?  Networks explode after the viral image of the reggaeton player

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One of the most popular reggaeton music in the world It causes sensation employment social networksBut no, this time it’s not because of a new song or a show he made, but pitbull, famous for the phrase “You already know”, He became very popular due to his large hair, beard and moustache.

when thought a lot who – which This character was bald / bald And that they’ll never see him with his hair, social networks have shown that anything is possible, okay Two Pitbull photos prove that ‘Mr Worldwide’ can still surprise us. The real question here, is it real or fake?

The internet is going crazy over pitbull pictures

Reggae player has become a trend In the social networks of these Pictures where He appears with long hair, beard and mustacheHis followers were dazzled and stunned by the supposedly radical change he introduced.

Although the Many pitbull fans went with the trickThat must be said these picturesAccording to many internet users, they are liars, because a Application to put it The singer’s face is all that hair.

Beyond possible assembly, which is not 100% confirmed but most likely, Watch the urban singer this way if it was change their perception of him, Well, we are used to seeing him completely bald.

Netizens created memes And they did some comparisonsBecause with this look he was placed next to him handsome squidwardAfter the radical change. The same way they commented on it is 2021 can only turn Weirdest if Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson teamed up with Pitbull With Felt like that.

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The The comments and reactions were varied and very funny, because there is content of all kinds to see this pitbull with hairA being believed to be mythical.

Best pitbull memes with hair

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