Unions that gather police officers react to Pierluisi’s annoyance that they may be absent en masse

Unions that gather police officers react to Pierluisi’s annoyance that they may be absent en masse

while conservative Pedro Pierluisi Yesterday, he revealed his annoyance at the possibility of the police being absent en masse again, members dressed in uniform Police union leaders said they are waiting for him to express himself forcefully regarding the plan or steps to be taken to secure a decent retirement for them..

Although it has emerged since last week that policemen have not been able to come back to work using their sick leave, as they did over the Halloween holiday, Berluisi responded yesterday, saying he hoped such a procedure would not happen again.

Police duty is sacred. The duty to defend life and property in Puerto Rico is a sacred duty. So I hope this does not happen again, because we are definitely defending the police and putting the act in its proper place.‘, stuck in a firm and annoyed tone, to immediately make it clear that he had complied with the overtime pay, by giving them equipment and increasing the salaries of police officers.

But union leaders understand that the governor has not acted to address the police’s only demand: a decent retirement.

There are some rights that the police have. There are situations that can make a police officer feel unwell when carrying out his duties. They have rights. If there is annoyance on the governor’s part that this could happen again (extensive absenteeism), the right thing to do is to address the problem with actionhead said Police Federation of Puerto RicoAnd Ismael Rivera Roman.

“The governor has an F for the way he handled it. Every time he says they paid extra for equipment, what he does is pour gasoline on the fire because no one is claiming it. And he judged that the police didn’t want to hear it.

for this part, Fernando Soler, President National Police Council (Konapol), he called the governor to announce what he’s going to do.

“They talk to the police in front of them and they are not deceived by promises that will not really bear fruit,” he said, without first acknowledging that social networks talk about the possibility of mass absenteeism and that the date is under discussion. .

He added that the retired police officers were not satisfied with the service fair which was given by the government yesterday in the convention center because they were only provided with guidance instead of tangible assistance.

Meanwhile the Commissioner of Police Office said, Antonio Lopez Figueroa, conducted a numerical survey to see how many officers would retire by December if Law 81-20, by which Financial Supervisory Board (JSF). The commissioner was not available for an interview.

new day And he learned that while new progressive lawmakers are waiting for the House to act and ask the federal court to repeal Law 81-2020, celebrities are working on legislation to improve police retirement.

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