Pitcher Max Fried ‘fried’ for Atlanta Braves

Pitcher Max Fried ‘fried’ for Atlanta Braves

Houston – Fried to the max It is fried. In the current major league post-season he has been like that for at least the last two trips.

The Atlanta Braves star left-hander conceded seven wins and six runs (five runs) in five innings against the Houston Astros in the second game of the World Series on Wednesday.

Freight, who has an era of 3.04 and has allowed only four or more runs five times in 28 starts in the regular season, has allowed 11 rounds (10 earned) in his last two playoff appearances.

Freight was defeated at Dodger Stadium in the 5th game of the National League Championship series against the Los Angeles Dodgers on October 21, when he hit eight wins and five rounds in 4.2 innings. On that occasion they scored two home runs.

At Minute Maid Park on Wednesday, Venezuela’s second baseman did not connect him with a double extra base. Jose Aldue Starting the game, six strikeouts and a walk. Overall, Braves “Ace” has 15 wins and 11 runs in 9.2 innings.

This is the third time in his five-year career, in a regular series or post-season, that Fried has scored 10 or more runs in two starts.

Tired? It is possible. With 21.2 innings in the latter season, Freight raised his total for the year to 187.1 innings, the highest in his career in a single season.

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With entitlement Charlie Morton For the rest of the World Series, from Tuesday’s fracture fibula in Game 1, Atlanta needs Fright and Wright Ian Anderson, His other two regular openers, have been taking the lead since 1995 with a high chance of winning his first championship.

By the time Fall Classic went into the second game, Atlanta’s Bullpen had made more innings (49.1) (46.1) than the starting staff last season.

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