Pittsburgh opened the regular season with a 17-7 win over the Ravens

Pittsburgh opened the regular season with a 17-7 win over the Ravens

Pittsburgh He did what was in hand and won the match against Baltimore By a score of 17-10, however, this result did not ensure their passage Postseason And the team will have to wait until tomorrow to know their fate.

Baltimore had nothing at stake at the end of the regular season, so it appeared on the bench with few starters, including the quarterback. Lamar Jackson. The Crows They won the first seed American Conference and title Northern Division from the previous week, so there was no need to risk their stars.

He started again for the Steelers as their quarterback Mason RudolphAfter Kenny Pickett He still hasn't fully recovered from the injury that kept him out since Week 12.

But still picket No need to give The Steelers His third win in a row. His best streak all season. Pittsburgh He opened the scoring just before completing the first four runs Najee Harris Six yards. Baltimore responded with a pass two minutes before halftime Tyler Huntley Isaiah had maybe 27 yards.

The scoreboard didn't move until early in the fourth quarter, when Rudolph bombed Deontay Johnson 71 yards. Chris Boswell He added a 25-yard field goal with three minutes left in the game.

The Crows They had time to make a field goal, but nothing more. They kicked short in an attempt to recover the ball, but the play was fruitless Pittsburgh Rescued to achieve victory.

The Steelers Now they need some results to ensure their spot in the postseason, which won't be known until tomorrow. I want to lose for the team Buffalo or tie or fail Jacksonville Very hands on results.

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