Sebastian Rulli returns to Argentina after a 10-year absence

Sebastian Rulli returns to Argentina after a 10-year absence

Marital relationship that Sébastien Rulli and Angelique Boyer They have built together over more than a decade, giving them the opportunity to live their love intensely. This is how both of them, in love and happy, show themselves at all times, whether on screen, during an interview, or on their social networks.

This even allows Angelique and Sebastian sometimes get into fights that can easily be resolved later, which is very common in a relationship. With 2023 allowing them to work a lot and 2024 promising new projects for each of them, it was recently Boyer who made a special announcement dedicated to Rowley, all to highlight something transcendent in 2024.

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Sebastien Rulli talks about whether he plans to marry and have children with Angelique Boyer

Sebastian visited Buenos Aires. Photo: FB Sebastian Rulli

That's why it was surprising to find out Sebastian Rulli is back His homeland Argentinaafter 10 years of not being present in the territory of South America.

Sebastian Rulli returns to Argentina after a decade

With emotion surfacing and feelings coursing through his being, that was it Sebastian Rollie He showed himself by revealing his return to his country, after many years of not visiting his family.

The actor described on social networks: “Back… After 10 years, I finally returned to Argentina. The familiar landscapes and childhood memories give me a nostalgic feeling. Very excited to relive the old times and reconnect with my roots.”

Angelique Boyer traveled to Argentina to meet Sebastian Rulli's family

But happiness was not only for Sebastian, but for him as well AngeliqueWho accompanied Rolly to the Southern Cone to celebrate his return to that country, in addition to getting to know every corner of that nation. Along the way, he was able to spend time with his girlfriend's family and friends.

The couple enjoyed the South American landscape. Photo: FB Sebastian Rulli

“We traveled to Argentina. What an impact it was to discover this country,” Boyer commented on social networks. After that, Angelique described in great detail everything that she liked most about getting to know Argentina.

“I loved the city of Buenos Aires, its streets, the architecture of the past with the present, the streets and parks surrounded by water, the thousands of activities that can be enjoyed outdoors, and meeting the Rolly family and spending the New Year with them. It was a gift that left me with thousands of beautiful memories.”

With her love for this event, she revealed the emotions that filled her. “Seeing Sebas remember and walk down the streets where he used to live with his family, and looking at that sparkle in his eyes makes me fall in love… as much as he loves dulce de leche and seeing him eat ice cream every day!” He said.

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In conclusion, Angelique promised that it would not be the last time they visited Argentina together. “This is just the beginning of a trip that made me cry with happiness. Thank you for showing Argentina @sebastianrulli, it's the first of many trips to this beautiful country.”


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