Play-in audience is growing compared to 2022

Play-in audience is growing compared to 2022

It is emphasized once again that the playing matches are attractive to the spectators. For another year, audience data has shown a rebound compared to regular season games, and this specific edition has improved the 2022 data by 5%, recording an average of 2.64 million viewers between ESPN And T.. And while it may seem that a high-profile franchise like the Lakers and a high-profile player like LeBron is the only reason, that doesn’t quite seem to be the case.

In fact, it was the matchup between the Angelenos and the Minnesota Timberwolves that drew the most viewers with an average of 3.47 million, making it the third most watched game in play history. Lakers-Warriors 2021 is still way higher, which seems a long way off with over five million given the size of both franchises. However, the rest of the duels also had a notable following, including those where there was not yet a play-off spot at stake.

Without going any further, Pelicans-Thunder was watched by an average of 2.86 million viewers, becoming between the ninth and tenth most watched game in the game’s existence. Something similar happened with the Raptors-Bulls in the East, whose 2.34 million followers grew 10% over the Hawks-Hornets a year ago. Only one of the first four games has yet to pass its 2022 counterpart, as the Heathawks, with 2.25 million, didn’t draw as much interest as the Nets-Cavaliers the year before.

Already with some big names out, the eighth-place games weren’t very attractive, but the Heat Bulls and Timberwolves-Thunder managed to score around 2.26 and 2.51 million respectively, also entering among the most-watched ties. the chapter. So it looks like this experiment has managed to act as an appetizer for the playoffs and get more viewers in before the playoffs actually start, and nothing indicates that the NBA could consider returning to it.

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