Players who returned with the national title: Luxury for some | Colombian Soccer | Bedplay file

Players who returned with the national title: Luxury for some |  Colombian Soccer |  Bedplay file

Some players had a successful second round with Atlético Nacional. In fact, some were happy to return to the Antioch team and maintain the level of play they achieved in the first round. After the Colombia Cup 2021 victory, Dorlan Babon, Philippe Aguilar and Jefferson Duck reconsidered the status of that champion and now they enjoy new success in green. Jerson Candello, who was part of the team that won the championship in 2018 last year, does not count on winning the Colombia Cup either.

In another interest, Papon and Aguilar both played for the Nationals, helping to win the South American Cup, along with Mexico’s Montreux and Brazil’s Atletico Paranaense, respectively.

After earning eight titles in his first round from 2012 to 2016, he came in 2020 and made a difference in attack. With his ninth title, ‘Beast’ enjoys an excellent playing position, with a ‘second youth’ where he is the most mature and contributes the most to the team.

Yerson Candelo and Felipe Aguilar won that last Copa Colombia title in 2018 with a play against Ones Caldas. For Valle del Cauca, this was his second win through Purslane and he was a decisive player on the team playing both winger and winger. For Felipe, after his journey through Brazil, it was his seventh degree with the National and ninth in his playing career.

Finally, for Babon, it took Antioquino less than five months to celebrate his second title with the National. “I came here to be important and to achieve many things through National,” Memin said in one of his first statements when he arrived in July this year. This is the seventh degree in the 31-year-old attacker’s life.

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