Players who will fight for the last place in the Warriors squad

Players who will fight for the last place in the Warriors squad

Mold Golden State the Warriors Looking at the 2023-24 NBA season, there are currently 14 players and only one vacancy remains. For this reason, the team must be led by Steve Kerr Choose carefully who you will complete the list with And their process is very complex.

According to the novel Shams Al-Shaarani d the athleteheThe Warriors will have two weeks of training to choose between Deon Wieters, Tony Snell, Kent Bazemore, Juan Toscano Anderson, Harry Giles and Trey Burke. to complete the form.

from the said list, Only Bazemore and Toscano-Anderson have ever played for the Warriors. The shooting guard was part of the California franchise in the 2012-23 season and in the 2020-21 season; While the Mexican striker played for the Golden State organization from 2019 to 2022 and was a hero with them last year.

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Players under contract with the Golden State Warriors

The Warriors have 14 players on their roster, but only 13 of them count toward the salary cap. The biggest impact on Golden State’s salary cap, according to SpottrackStephen Curry with $51.9 millionHe is followed by Klay Thompson with $43.2 million and Chris Paul with $30.8 million.

The rest of the team consists of Andrew Wiggins ($24.3 million), Draymond Green ($22.3 million)Gary Payton II ($8.75 million), Kevon Looney ($7.5 million), Jonathan Cuminga ($6 million)and Moses Moody ($3.9 million) and Brandin Podsziemski ($3.3 million), Corey Joseph ($2 million)Dario Sarek ($2 million) and Trace Jackson Davis ($1.1 million),

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The only player with an unsecured contract is Dominican Lester Quinones. The shooting guard is linked to the warriors via a two-way contract. This means that the Memphis graduate can play for both the Golden State and Santa Cruz Warriors of the J-League.

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