Power cuts back to Cuba due to breakdowns and fuel shortages

Power cuts back to Cuba due to breakdowns and fuel shortages

The electricity company recorded two consecutive days Blackouts Due to breakdowns and fuel shortages after several days without announcing outages due to a deficit in electricity generation.

In his message, he stated that the power outage occurred on Monday “due to a shortage of generation power since 8:20 pm, and the outage continued during the early hours of the day.” part State-owned company newspaper.

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This Tuesday, Unión Eléctrica reported that the outage will continue during the day due to a shortfall of 300 megawatts (MW).

Blackouts will also occur during peak hours of electricity consumption: there will be an availability of 2,719 MW and a maximum demand of 3,000 MW, for a deficit of 281 MW, so an impact of 351 MW is expected.

Units 3 and 5 of CTE Renté and Unit 2 of CTE Felton are currently out of service due to a malfunction. In addition, unit 6 of CTE Renté is subject to maintenance and there is a limitation of 353 Watts in heat generation.

The Cubans’ complaints were not long in coming. Many have argued that the blackout has taken time to return.

“they started, They took too longI hope it’s not always in the same places, because with that heat we’d explode.”

“The task began, how hard it was and now you have to top it off the scale Blackoutssaid another.

At the end of July, a group of Cubans stopped traffic on Sunday night at the junction of San Lazaro and Bilascoen Streets, in Centro Habana, to protest the continued He suffered a power outage for 10 days.

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In the photos that circulated on the networks about the protest, half a dozen people were seen sitting on chairs and even a sofa located in the middle of the street blocking the passage of cars, while in the immediate vicinity another group of people was seen. development of events.

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