Pochettino backs Keeler, leaving him as a starter over the holidays due to Messi’s introduction

Pochettino backs Keeler, leaving him as a starter over the holidays due to Messi’s introduction

For the first time, Lionel Messi enters the PSG invitation, and Keeler will be the first spectator of Argentina’s first historic day.

Everything is ready! Holidays in Paris today and Keeler Nawaz Will be in the front row to see the introduction Lionel Messi With French box.

Costa Rican will be the opening goalkeeper of the French team today, which the club confirmed on its social networks while giving the order for the match. Rims, associated with Match Day 3 League 1 From France.

The ownership of the Costa Rican takes place in a week, where the spotlights are more than competitive தொன்னாரும்மா He said he “came to Paris to play” before being pressured by the Italian media.

Keeler Nawaz He was quiet for a while, and two days before the match against Rims, he mentioned in an interview Yashin Quesada The only thing he hears in the match against the Italians is only a fight from you, where performance speaks and not superior signs.

Mauricio Pochettino, Coach PSG It was very clear when we spoke openly yesterday about the rivalry between Keeler And தொன்னாரும்மா, Noting that the holder is going to be appointed by merit.

“The possibility is always there, the evaluation will always be for every player, not just in this case தொன்னாரும்மா, Or as a goalkeeper, all the players on the team can play and we will see the qualifications over time, “he said. Mauricio Pochettino.

“We select our players for the qualifications they see first, first in training, then the potential and performance to play,” the chief executive told a news conference before the crucial meeting.

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Keeler Nawaz Will join the national team of Costa Rica After this match, Dico will be the main symbol of the Central American team in the three elimination rounds

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