The number of COVID-19 hospital admissions has decreased to 488

The number of COVID-19 hospital admissions has decreased to 488

Hospitalizations for COVID-19 provided a drop in today’s report from the Department of Health to fall at 488 people admitted to hospitals among adults and minors.

Those hospitalized with COVID-19 are 458 adults and 30 children. Of those, 120 are adults in the intensive care unit and one is a minor. Meanwhile, 94 adults were connected to a ventilator. Yesterday’s uppercase was 491.

The new disease cases reported by Salud today are an average of 637 between positive molecular and antigen tests. Specifically, they are an average of 350 confirmed cases with molecular testing and an average of 287 probable cases with antigen testing. However, the Community Health Alliance of Puerto Rico (COSACO) reported specific numbers of 692 new cases between confirmed and probable.

The total number of confirmed cases accumulated in Puerto Rico since the beginning of the epidemic is 141,104. Of those, 128,016 people have recovered, according to the Health Ministry’s projection portal.

In terms of the deaths reported today, they are two men, aged 56 and 65, respectively, and an 89-year-old woman. The deaths occurred on August 14, 25 and 28.

In August, 239 deaths from COVID-19 were reported in Puerto Rico. So far, during the pandemic, 2,826 people have lost their lives to the virus in the archipelago.

Vaccination has progressed, and today 2,001,769 people have been reported with their completed doses of COVID-19 vaccines in Puerto Rico.

Tomorrow Monday, the governor, Pedro Pierluisi, is expected to announce a new executive order that includes measures to try to control the COVID-19 recovery on the island, as predicted last Friday by Health Minister Carlos Melado.

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