Police accuse Bolsonaro of falsifying his vaccination card against Covid-19

Police accuse Bolsonaro of falsifying his vaccination card against Covid-19

The Brazilian police The charge sheet was filed against the former president on Tuesday Jair Bolsonaro Alleged fraud in Vaccination certificate vs COVID-19While finalizing the investigation into the alleged coup attempt after the failed 2022 elections Luis Inacio Lula da Silva.

The federal police accuse the far-right leader of a “criminal association” and “using false data in official records,” confirmed by company sources.

The prosecutor's office is now responsible for the analysis Police decisions and decide whether to file a formal complaint with a judge or file a lawsuit.

According to the investigation, in the last two years Bolsonaro's decree (2019-2022) operated an illegal network that allegedly involved the military, consultants, politicians and doctors, and directly benefited the former head of state and his close entourage.

The intent was to lie Vaccination records Beneficiaries can avoid health restrictions in Brazil and third countries during pandemics.

Bolsonaro “ordered”

In addition to pointing BolsonaroFederal police have found evidence of a crime against 16 people, including a former aide to the former ruler. Lt. Col. Mauro CidReason is a key piece.

Sid was arrested in May 2023 within the framework of this process and remains inside today Provisional release After signing an agreement with authorities, he confessed and provided evidence of what happened.

According to his testimony, Bolsonaro is in denial about this International spread of the coronavirusKilled more than 710,000 Brazilians since 2020, “gave him orders” Vaccination certificate He and the other for his daughter Laura, now 13.

Police suspect that the conspiracy started with Sid when he maneuvered to get his wife an immunization card with the help of local authorities in the state. Rio de Janeiro.

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Since then, other cards have been fraudulently issued to people in trusted circles BolsonaroIn May 2023, his house was already searched for evidence in the case.

The CID revealed at the police station that he “personally” issued irregular certificates to then-President Bolsonaro, who always ignored the facts and publicly sowed unfounded doubts about the efficacy of vaccines.

However, police discovered that the immunity documents referring to Bolsonaro were issued at the end of December 2022, just days before he traveled to the United States – where he stayed for three months – ahead of the inauguration of current President Lula.

He said that he must attend then Certificate Although security, enter the United States Bolsonaro He alleged that he entered with a diplomatic passport, which exempted him from such a requirement, and a negative test.

What's next: The Jewels of Arabia and the attempted coup

This is one Three investigations The police intend to finalize the case against Bolsonaro in the coming months.

In another he is suspected of making illegal acquisitions during his mandate High value gifts He said that he had acquired it during various foreign trips and that it should be part of the government collection, including jewelry gifted by Saudi Arabia.

But keeping Bolsonaro, a retired army captain and longing for a military dictatorship, in power in October 2022 puts him at the center of a coup attempt to overturn Lula's election victory.

In the process, suspicions against the former president grew after the testimony of Marco Antonio Friar Gómez and Carlos Baptista Jr., former commanders of the military and astronomy department.

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Both said they met several times Bolsonaro and his close advisers, and called upon them to support their plan to carry out a coup d'état.

In fact, the police did not reject the offer Fake Covid Certificates This would enable an express exit for those interrogated in the event of a coup.

Indeed, the coup plot had a final chapter on January 8, 2023, when thousands of supporters of the Ultra leader invaded and destroyed the headquarters of the President, Congress and the Supreme Court with the intention of forcing military intervention and overthrowing them. Coup Lula's government.

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