Police have found the remains that could be of a woman whose torso was found in a suitcase in Aguadilla

Police have found the remains that could be of a woman whose torso was found in a suitcase in Aguadilla

Aguadilla neighborhood agents police Office On Wednesday afternoon, they found what they believe to be other parts of the body of the woman whose torso was found on Tuesday inside a suitcase. In an apartment in Casa del Peregrino.

The uniformed press office pointed out that Customers and members of the Technical Services Department are on site to retrieve the remains, Yusra’s head and leg, which were found inside several bags in an empty yard. It is located between 2 buildings in front of the Aguadilla Postal Service.

The police added that they are also investigating a number of cardboard boxes that were found at the scene. Customers were alerted after a number of citizens made calls to complain about the bad smell in the area.

Uniformada indicated, earlier in the day, that it was looking for her Daunta boss As a person with an interest in relation to the crime. Police are also waiting for analysis Institute of Forensic Sciences (ICF) to obtain official identification of the victim.

Roberto Rivera Miranda, the assistant commissioner for criminal investigations, said federal agencies joined police in the search for the president earlier today.

Rivera-Miranda stressed that the operation was not only searching for the man, but also the remains of the victim’s body, which were not in the same place as the torso was found. The identity of the woman has not yet been confirmed, and tests are currently being conducted for these purposes.

“The DEA and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are helping us, and if I still need them, I know they will help me.”Submitted details by phone.

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“In Aguadilla I have seven task forces that deal with different information,” he added, referring to the homicide department of the Aguadilla Criminal Investigation Authority and the intelligence departments of the different police districts.

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