Political opposition: the only people who talk about electoral fraud are those who consider themselves losers and defeated News from El Salvador

Political opposition: the only people who talk about electoral fraud are those who consider themselves losers and defeated News from El Salvador

Supreme Election Court judges were summoned this morning to the Legislative Assembly of the Electoral Affairs Commission to analyze the technology use on the table after a simulation conducted on Sunday.

On Monday, opposition MPs were violent in their expressions after a simulation conducted by the Supreme Election Court. Some defects were detected It must be corrected before February 28.

However, the government insists not to use the technology at the table, arguing that the process will not be reliable, but representatives of ARENA, René Porteau Quadra; PDC’s Rodolfo Parker has another reading about the statements of TSE Chair, Dora Esmeralda Martínez, which suggested it would be best to proceed with the manual vote count.

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“The lack of completion of the exercise yesterday (Sunday) does not mean fraud. The only ones who talk about fraud at the moment are those who consider themselves losers and defeated,” he added.

For his part, Parker explained that when it was agreed to put the technology on the table where all parties and even the government attended, no one objected, so it is considered that if the manual process is passed, there will be no counting. Papers. Fast and paperless and there are copies remaining for each party representation, and there is no longer a minimum of items to return to the manual part.

“Do you not trust your JRVs? Do you not trust your family members? Who are your superiors at the center? Where fraud can happen in JRV, but if you haven’t realized it, your party (GANA) will also have a representative in every JRV.” Said Representative Christina Cornejo of the Farabondo Martí National Liberation Front “Only the losers who did not get the numbers are talking about fraud.

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Cornejo added that it is clear that although Nuevas Ideas may become the largest legislative part of the assembly after February 28, it will not get the results that are waiting for, “so they have to create a previous fraud case,” the deputy emphasized. deputy.

The official New Ideas party shone in a tense atmosphere at the conclusion of the first national exercise on Sunday The Supreme Electoral Court.

As close Initial results transfer system test For the elections, TSE held a press conference and at the end of the questioning phase, a representative of the Vigilance Board of the New Ideas Party suddenly took the floor to question the fraud logic in TSE, seeing that he was making GANA and President Buckley.

TSE judges explain the use of technology at the election table

On Monday morning, judges of the Supreme Electoral Court came to the Legislative Assembly to the Electoral Affairs Committee to explain the use of technology at the Election Day table.

Until now, the court has been training people who will be on the JRV to use technological equipment. TSE is preparing to use a state-of-the-art technological system to record the initial screening to be implemented in JRVs.

Judge Noel Orellana was asked in this regard a few days ago, and he explained that despite the criticism and lack of confidence that may occur for being the first time this system has been applied, this technology will ensure more transparency and brevity to convey the citizens ’decision,“ Yes we are never adapting With the implementation of technology, I think we will not be able to catch up and we will be obsolete. “

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According to the court, the idea is to use technology materials so that JRV members can conduct their initial vetting after 5:00 p.m. when election time ends by voters.

Each JRV will be equipped with a tech box that contains a laptop, a specific charger, an HDMI cable (to connect the laptop to the projector that will be used at the time of counting), and a scanner.

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