Polling in Peru: Fujimori asks Sagaste for an international audit, Castillo’s proposal reassured markets

Polling in Peru: Fujimori asks Sagaste for an international audit, Castillo’s proposal reassured markets
Keiko Fujimori asked President Francisco Sagaste to request an international audit of the ballot paper in Peru (Reuters/Angela Pons)

Keiko Fujimori asked Peruvian President Francisco Sagaste on Monday to request an international review of the June 6 elections. To clarify “fraud” complaints from your political organization. In the meantime, amid expectations of the candidate’s results Pedro Castillo, the candidate to win the poll, sent an offer that brought calm to the markets.

In a letter to Sagaste, the right-wing candidate from the Fouerza Popular party insisted on requesting an OAS audit, despite the fact that the electoral observation mission of this organization had already confirmed the validity of the elections, with the end of what “Determining whether the results reflect the popular will”.

The vote count in the second round resulted in the victory of leftist candidate Pedro Castillo, but Fujimori keeps the scam copyDespite the rejection of appeals and appeals before the electoral bodies and courts so far.

No electoral watchdog has found signs of “fraud”, while countries and institutions such as the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada have expressed confidence in the electoral system in Peru. The elections were free and fair.

Indeed, the OAS itself asserted Thursday that it had “verified” that the challenges to the ballot work promoted by Fujimori to cancel the nearly 200,000 rural and peasant votes overwhelmingly supported Castillo, are being done “in compliance with applicable law and regulations.”

The Election Observation Mission of the Organization of American States, headed by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay Robin Ramirez, continues to continuously monitor the electoral crisis in Peru since it arrived in the country before Election Day.

Peruvians await confirmation of poll results (Reuters/Gerardo Marin)
Peruvians await confirmation of poll results (Reuters/Gerardo Marin)

Fujimori went to the Government Palace to leave her application at the party table, accompanied by her vice presidential candidates Luis Gallarita and Patricia Juarez.

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The daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000) requested a review of the voting records due to a “large number of irregularities” denounced by her organization and reminded Sagaste of her responsibility to “ensure a transparent election result.”

However, the Forza populist candidate accused the national election jury of bias in its decisions on appeals brought by her party, which have so far been dismissed due to a lack of evidence for their accusations.

“We need to know the truth and have confidence in your ability to perform this important task.”In addition to ensuring “the necessary legitimacy (for the incoming ruler) to carry out his responsibilities,” Fujimori told reporters outside the government palace.

Last Saturday, a group of right-wing politicians allied with Fujimori requested an “urgent” meeting with the Secretary-General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Louis AlmagroTo display the “excesses” that in his opinion occurred in the June 6 elections.

In a memorandum signed by Jorge del Castillo (former prime minister of Alan Garcia), Lourdes Flores (Fujimori’s legal advisor), or Adriana Tudela (elected Congressman and daughter of Francisco Tudela, Vice President of Alberto Fujimori), the group requested an “informational meeting” to present “another Findings” regarding alleged “fraud” in the Peruvian elections.

In this context of electoral uncertainty, Peruvian Central Bank President Julio Velarde is evaluating Castillo’s proposal to remain in officeAlso confirmed this Monday was Pedro Franck, the candidate’s economic advisor, who is awaiting official confirmation as the winner of the last presidential election.

According to the results of the Peruvian Electoral College, Pedro Castillo narrowly defeated Keiko Fujimori
According to the results of the Peruvian Electoral College, Pedro Castillo narrowly defeated Keiko Fujimori

Cause this ad The Peruvian currency (SOL) will close 2.08% higher.

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“Institutions are the most important thing,” Frank told local radio Exetusa. “In a society we are all essential, in a government team we can all play a role.”

“But nobody is fundamental, I think so, and in fact Giulio Velardi himself said ‘Okay, I’m a little tired, I’ll think about it.’ Well, we have agreed to speak later when the official announcement of Pedro Castillo is ready for an official meeting,” said the chancellor.

Castillo told hundreds of his supporters on Saturday he hoped they would believe Velardi, a highly respected and recognized civil servant in the financial world, has been in this position since 2006, spending three terms in office.

Velardi, whose five-year presidential term ends in July, chairs the central bank’s seven-member board of directors. The government appoints four, including its president, and the rest are appointed by Congress.

Castillo said when he put forward the proposal that his obligation is Maintaining financial balance and improving the quality of public spending, encouraging investments, and respecting the independence and independence of the monetary authority.

With information from EFE and Reuters

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