Portland vs USA (1-1): The referee is the protagonist

Portland vs USA (1-1): The referee is the protagonist

Archive of Concoff Does bad work at meetings United States On top of that Concomps, At first it was in the opposite series Olympiad Before now Portland Timber The equalizer, who equalized 1-1 at the last minute with a penalty that should not have been scored, has now not won four games, despite having an advantage over the spectator goal at the Vulta.

Mario Escobar, Guatemala’s referee, left the match desirable; Throughout the game both teams were allowed to hit each other, apologizing for two outings Portland As if that wasn’t enough, he hit a penalty because it shouldn’t have been activated before the ball hit the hand Bruno Valdes, There was a mistake in Paraguayan.

United States Was higher than Timbers Most of the time. Although the score was unreasonable for the Eagles’ dominance and the referee was a factor, To the team Santiago Solari He still needs one last step to make the plays specific, Because at least coming to the area they do it by heart and without problems.

Roger’s best game

Fans have been expecting a lot for a long time Roger Martinez Y This game may be on his first three shows as an American since he came to the club. Columbia’s party was great because he did everything He also scored From the penalty spot at the end of the first half.

Timbers Put it on United States In the second half of the match Providence Park, But the defense stood up and withstood all attacks and shots Sir, Mora, Valerie, Aspirilla And other players who tried to disturb the curve Memo Ochoa.

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Excessive stress after a few minutes Eagles, The game matched equally and the game was very dirty with many mistakes on both sides, it looked The referee was slow to punish with the cards, and the players received everything until the cards appeared.

VAR did its thing

Controversy arose at the end of the match, with fines and whistles to be imposed or Where They saw the mistakes they had made to Bruno and caused the hand of the Paraguayan, In the end it is not wrong Timbers That Felipe Mora Pair series.

The balancer serves United States For a return match for a distant goalAs the goalless draw puts them in the semifinals, they must first think about the game against pride Poomas Ann University City Next Sunday.

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