Portugal vs Ghana match summary (3-2). Goal and half time

Portugal vs Ghana match summary (3-2).  Goal and half time

Portugal In a fight that can be imposed and takes time to ignite 3-2 win over Ghana At Stadium 974 in Qatar, his effigy, Cristiano Ronaldo done History A goal in his fifth World Cup put him in the international football books.

After a poor first half, the Portuguese agreed to play football in front of 42,000 fans who never stopped following. CR7 as main character On the grass.

shirts Christian Most viewed since its arrival in 974. In the arena, everyone wanted to watch targetIt came Minute 31 Hit by a powerful shot, it went further Cancelled In order to create one Previous mistake.

Ronaldo was serious and With care Inside Do Its targetSo, with what he had, he shot at Lawrence Atty Gigi’s goal.

This is how the two teams left at half-time, with the score level but with the aim of improving, both Ghana and Portugal did just that.

Party loaded

Mohamed Quduz opened the scoring with a shot close to Diogo Costa’s goal before Portugal leveled.

ran 61. Cristiano Ronaldo has fallen Inside area In conflict with Muhammad Salisu, and the RefereeIsmail Elfat immediately structure The maximum penalty.

Immediately Ball took it CR7After waiting for the whistle, after a couple of sighs, he looked up at the sky and ran out. Shooting for come across A Gigi 65′ with right arm.

while hitting, Christian Ronaldor celebrated His characteristic jump, and all while Stadium 974 yelled at him”siu”, to pay higher interest.

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Andre had barely finished celebrating their goal Alas did 1-1 at 73′. Yar capitalized on a pass from Gudus inside the area and Danilo Pereira failed to level the scores.

Gudus looked for his goal and fired a shot 72′ that was held by the Portugal goalkeeper. 78′, Joao Felix scored for Portugal in a 2-1 win, with a good definition within the region. The youngster from Atlético de Madrid received the final piece, settled down and released the instep to score.

This goal seemed to kill Ghana because 80′, Raphael Leo did 3-1 With relative ease, he used the pass and sent it to save.

In the final part, Ghana Osman in the pressing final stretch Bukhari He found a ball inside the area, which he headed home to save in the 89th minute, making it 3-2 on the scoreboard. The goal scorer took advantage of the moment Celebrated like CR7 For event data.

The final minutes were good and intense, but there weren’t many goals Portugal He took success.

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