Positions and matches from past history

Positions and matches from past history

(CNN Spanish) – it’s time. The final matches of the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar next Tuesday, and with this, the fate of three teams will be decided: Peru, Colombia and Chile.

The CONMEBOL qualifiers are already classified into four direct qualifiers for Qatar 2022: Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Uruguay. However, the pass to the playoffs is still pending and Peru, Colombia and Chile have a chance to get it.

Colombia clings to the dream of the World Cup 1:41

Only one of these three teams can hold this ticket to the playoffs.

Peru, with 21 points, is the only one that counts on itself, because with its victory in its match this Tuesday against Paraguay in Lima will be in the qualifiers for Qatar 2022. For its part, Colombia with 20 points need to win their visit to bottom of the standings Venezuela and that Peru draw or lose . Fate wanted Vinotinto to be directed by Argentine José Néstor Pekerman, who specifically took coffee growers to the World Cups in Brazil and Russia.

Peru with its landmarks on Qatar 2:04

Finally, Chile, with 19 points, is the team with the toughest going, needing to win a home game against Uruguay, and then hoping the results of Peru and Colombia will be in their favour.

Here is the full ranking table.

South American Qualifiers Standings Schedule

  1. Brazil* – 42 points
  2. Argentina* – 38
  3. Ecuador – 25
  4. Uruguay – 25
  5. Peru – 21
  6. Colombia – 20
  7. Chile – 19
  8. Paraguay – 16
  9. Bolivia – 15
  10. Venezuela – 10
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*Brazil and Argentina, long-ranked for Qatar, there is still a pending match between them, after their meeting was suspended on September 5 due to the controversy over Covid-19 protocols on Brazilian soil. The match will be played in June at a neutral stadium. If certain combinations of results are presented, Argentina can still reach the first place in CONMEBOL.

CONMEBOL Qualifiers Final Matches

They are all played on Tuesday, March 29th at the same time

  • Peru vs. Paraguay – 7:30 PM ET
  • Venezuela vs. Columbia – 7:30 PM ET
  • Chile vs. Uruguay – 7:30 PM ET
  • Ecuador vs. Argentina – 7:30 PM ET
  • Bolivia vs. Brazil – 7:30 PM ET


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