Possession of Joe Biden: How did Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga do it? – Music and Books – Culture

Possession of Joe Biden: How did Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga do it?  – Music and Books – Culture

Lady Gaga sang the national anthem of the United States enthusiastically during the inauguration of President Joe Biden. This is a very special moment for him because it marks part of a major shift in American political and leadership style.

Dressed in a dark suit and deep red skirt, the New York singer picked up the microphone and smiled slightly before starting her performance. Little by little her face drew a deep smile, and that emotion and tension led to the artist’s powerful voice.

“Singing our national anthem for the American people is an honor. I will sing during a ceremony, a change, a moment of change … It makes the best sense to me,” Gaga tweeted shortly before the show.

“My mission is to acknowledge our past, heal our present, and be passionate about the future in which we work together lovingly. I will sing to the hearts of all the people who live on this earth.”

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“I pray that tomorrow (today) will be a day of peace for Americans,” he wrote.. “Day for love, not for hate. A day to accept, not for fear. The day to dream of our beautiful future as a nation. A nonviolent dream, it gives protection to our souls. Sincerely, From Capitol, ”he wrote before his appearance.

Similarly, Jennifer Lopez performed the song This land is your land (This Land Is Your Land), composed by Woody Guthrie and became a national, patriotic and anti-fascist anthem by which Lopez closed his participation and added a part America The Beautiful Without first starting a powerful phrase in Spanish: “A nation under an inseparable God with freedom and justice for all,” he told the audience.

Thank you for your service and sacrifice. I respect you today and every day. Tomorrow (today) I will sing for you and for all Americans, ”he wrote earlier on his Instagram profile, referring to soldiers and military equipment.

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On the other hand, Lynn-Manuel Miranda, Devi Lovato, Eva Longoria and Bruce Springsteen; In addition to Puerto Ricans’ Louis Fonseca and Hosuna, they teamed up with “Celebrate America,” a special television show hosted by Tom Hanks with country musicians Tyler Hubbard, Tim McGrath and Black Puma. Tribute to Joe Biden.

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