Powerful message from Jennifer Lopez at Joe Biden’s inauguration

Powerful message from Jennifer Lopez at Joe Biden’s inauguration
Jennifer Lopez
Photo by AFP

In 2007 he participated in my two Super Bowl series, and was a guest of our year-end party in Times Square and this afternoon Jennifer Lopez He shone with Woody Guthrie’s theatrical performance “This Land is Your Land” during the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States.

“This Land is Your Land” (“This Land is Your Land”) is one of the most famous songs in American popular music. It is based on an existing tune that was a response, in 1940, to “God Bless America” ​​by Irving Berlin.

Dressed in elegant white clothes, Jennifer Lopez delivered an emotional performance in which she was moved when she uttered the words in Spanish: “A nation under God, indivisible and justice for all.” The phrase belongs to the era of allegiance or allegiance that is often recited in the United States, in unison, at public events and especially in public school classrooms, where the oath is often a morning ritual.

Photo by AFP

Jennifer Lopez’s phrase is a powerful message to the Spanish-speaking community in the United States.

Former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, partner of Jennifer Lopez, commented to Jimmy Fallon late in the night that the American singer of Puerto Rican descent was very nervous due to the amount of commitment she faced in Washington today. “What he wants most is, like all of us, to bring people together and inspire them,” he said. “Music and sports do it better than anything else.”

Jennifer Lopez always expressed her support for President Joe Biden and took part in a virtual conversation during the presidential campaign.

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