Praise Campazzo for helping him pipe

Praise Campazzo for helping him pipe

Depending on the level at which it appears, it appears that Facundo Campazzo He was playing in NBA For years and not because it hardly takes a bunch of games. The Argentine scored three points in the victory of the Denver Nuggets 119-101 vs. Oklahoma City Thunder He also left Tap to help rememberWhich many of his comrades were quick to praise. It was also chosen as number 1 in the ranking.

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“Once I threw the pass, I had to finish the play. People would be in my head if I hadn’t put that on. I had everything to score.”Monty Morris, the Denver player who got the pass from Vacio in the meantime, said Nikola GokicAs the great Nuggets star threw flowers at him:It was good but I’ve seen him do it many times in the past“.

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Kordofan entered the field when his team lost by six points and were out eight points in their favor. He also saw a move in the fourth quarter, starring in a viral play in which he nearly knocked out the head of a Denver player. “With Facu, his teammates have to be vigilant or he’ll blow their heads off in a pass.”Coach Malone said.

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By defeating Oklahoma on Tuesday, the Campazzo Nuggets reached ninth place in the North American Western Conference NBA With a record Seven wins and seven losses. Next Saturday, they’ll visit the Phoenix Suns.

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