Precious: Anna Barbara demonstrates how to wear mini leather skirts | Photo

Precious: Anna Barbara demonstrates how to wear mini leather skirts |  Photo

singer Anna Barbara She is one of the female singers and songwriters who has gained worldwide fame from the public, in addition to having a great voice as well. It looks amazing to them 50 years.

“Que poca” translator has thousands of fans in all countries Latin america, who have supported her from the start in her music and television projects, and are also aware of her social networks to pay tribute to her. Pictures.

Now show the Mexican how to wear a special dress, it’s a sexy dress leather type skirt which stunned more than one user who did not hesitate to comment on how amazing he looked with her.

Who else loves the color green?Next to the photo, the star wrote, deciding to combine the skirt with a neon green blouse and sneakers, which the group used while recording the show. I have a talent, a lot of talent In which he participated as a jury for several seasons.

@anabarbaramusic . look

In addition to her participation in television, Anna Barbara continues to give concerts and transport her music to various places in Mexico And United StateIt will be shown in the next few days in Durango, according to the information I published in a video clip. See you on November 12 at Gómez Palacio Palenque Durango With my friends from La Mafia.”

Anna Barbara Born January 10, 1971 in Rio Verde, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The singer-songwriter is known for her unique vocal range and one of the best iconic voices in the world. Mexican music, according to the description on their social networks.

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Among his major musical successes are: “I searched for”, “thieves”, “how do I need them”, “crazy”, “I don’t believe anything anymore”, “I wanted to forget”, “alone”, “advice”, “trap” “this scares me but I love it” “forbidden fruit” and “ I won’t cry” and “my heart” which explains it in a ranchero, band, or song just to name a few

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