200 Walmart ATMs Now Available to Buy Bitcoin

200 Walmart ATMs Now Available to Buy Bitcoin
Key facts:
  • Buying Bitcoin at Walmart is only possible in the US, for now.

  • Bitcoins purchased from Walmart are accumulated in the Coinstar and Coinme wallet.

From Thursday, October 21, 2021, it is possible to get Bitcoin (BTC) while making your purchases at Walmart. This service is only available in the US at any of the branches that have a Coinstar ATM inside the establishment.

Coinstar, an ATM company that allows you to load balance on gift cards with coins, Join Coinme to trade bitcoin. behind the ad From the alliance, the company stated that customers will now be able to convert their US dollars (USD) to this cryptomoni.

Since 1992, Coinstar allows the remaining coins to be stored in your pocket and accumulated on a card To save or gift someone. It works like a file coin purse, where you can then withdraw money from banknotes or use it to make purchases. The company claims to process US$43 billion each year.

Bitcoin purchased from Walmart is stored in a Coinstar-Coinstar wallet which can be used from a cell phone. Source: Coinstar.

Bitcoin can now be purchased at 200 Coinstar ATMs at Walmart

Coinstar has more than 20,000 ATMs in the world and 4,700 of them are located in Walmart branches. as an experimental test, Enables Bitcoin Money Transfer functionality at only 200 Walmart ATMs in the US. something that can be extended if Bitcoin value and consumption continue to rise.

On October 20, 2021, Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $67,276. Taking into account the The decline in the dollar in recent years, unlike, Bitcoin has shown itself as a stronger and more bullish currency in the long run.

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For this reason, the addition strategy Bitcoin At Coinstar ATMs at Walmart to get more customers can be successful. As revealed by CriptoNoticias, Quantity Bitcoin ATMs quadrupled in the world in two years.

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