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1) Foxes need to find a wordy companion to mitigate the risk

Jamie Verdy proved his importance to Leicester City when he was on the stand while on the pitch. Without an action plan to come into operation in the absence of Verdi, the foxes were flat off. The team has become so accustomed to using the striker’s clever running behind a defense that it seems they have no other creative ideas when he is not leading the team. Consider what they tore City of Manchester With the exception of a few weeks ago, it was worrying that Brendan Rodgers could not get his side to do that perfect performance again, losing two games following home defeats to West Ham and Aston Villa. Verdi’s arrival on the pitch revived Leicester, with his teammates more confident in their amulet company that scored the late winner. Rodgers may be better at finding a striker for Verdi’s axis, making sure he can retain status when he’s absent; Otherwise they are just a muscle deviated from normalcy. Will Unwin

Match Report: Arsenal 0-1 Leicester

2) Can the bombboard be key to kicking Leeds?

This is a good start to the season for Leeds, with its quick press and quick passing style being the perfect fit. Premier League More than the Saturday-Tuesday-Saturday slope of the 46 Sports Championship season. Newly promoted clubs often begin to settle down well, confidently, and settle following a successful campaign, those who are more familiar with the enemy than they are with them. As winter persists and teams execute them, things often get hairy, but Leeds have better players and better managers than most teams in their position, so if they can find the source of regular goals, they are set. Not what many expected from Patrick Bombard, who now has six goals in six league games, but after various clubs and managers, has the penny finally dropped? Daniel Harris

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Match Report: Aston Villa 0-3 Leeds

3) Roy gets angry at Wrightwalt’s rising star

Zero Ridwalt’s first goal Crystal Palace The win against Fulham revealed another fantastic performance from the Dutch, who signed in 2017 with Frank de Boer from Ajax. Although his team-mates have only lasted four league games as Palace manager in place of Roy Hodgson, Rydwald has finally established himself as a midfielder who has come first as a defender. “I was always impressed with his ability on the ball,” said Hodgson, who suffered similar defeats in the Europa League final. “He’s a good character. He’s been happy to work for the last three years. I’m glad he introduced some other elements to his game, which means we ‘reap the rewards.” Ed Arons

Match Report: Fulham 1-2 Crystal Palace

Diego Jota celebrates with Roberto Firmino and Trent Alexander-Arnold after beating Liverpool's winner.

Diego Jota celebrates with Roberto Firmino and Trent Alexander-Arnold after beating Liverpool’s winner. Photo: Peter Byrne / Reuters

4) Globe’s pre-loaded Liverpool bounce back in defeats

After a week of intense focus on what Liverpool lost, J ஜூrgen Klopp’s tactical switch was a reminder that there are plenty of champions here – with the increasing strike options of Diego Jota’s $ 41 million signing. Putting them all on the pitch against Chris Wilder’s dangerous side is a way to compensate for those who are not in the midfield and it is worth reconsidering when the situation allows despite the impact of Liverpool’s overall fluidity on the field. Sheffield United Defended well on Saturday – with John Egan, Enda Stevens and George Baldog – but Liverpool took two defeats to extend their unbeaten home league record to 62 games. “It’s a ruthless league,” Wilder said. No team is better at delivering punishment than champions. Andy Hunter

Match Report: Liverpool 2-1 Sheffield United

5) When should Soulscar be allowed to choose Wall de Peak defenses?

How do you stop Ole Gunner Solkjar? Manchester United? By holding men back and by denying them the space to run after rapid changes. This is a fact, but until Soulscar proves it, he will be reduced to club manager. United simply cannot be a counterattack team, how beautiful they are when it all comes together. They struggled to pick decent opponents in the 0-0 draw with Chelsea, and Solscar was reluctant to use Tony van de Peek, who has signed $ 35 million from Ajax, who have yet to start in the Premier League. He was an unused substitute against Chelsea. Van de Peek’s game is about breaking lines, coming to the end of the pass and being in the right place when the ball breaks – qualities that Soulscar can use on Saturdays. David Heidner

Match Report: Manchester United 0-0 Chelsea

6) Adams adds final links to the Inks partnership

Some teams are running with two good strikers these days, but Che Adams and Danny Inks have formed a fruitful alliance in Southampton. It was a failed partnership last season, but after failing to score anything in his first 24 Premier League appearances, Adams now has six goals in his last 12 top games. He scored 22 goals for a poor Birmingham team in 2018-19, and while it is unlikely he will ever compete for a golden start like Ings, it is fair to say he is thriving. “I always firmly believe that the time of Save will come,” he said Southampton Manager, Ralph Hassanhattle. “Sometimes it takes a long time to adapt to this position, but he always learns and works hard. He gets what he deserves now.” Ben Fisher

Match Report: Southampton 2-0 Everton

Ancelotti says Everton are still top of the table, not disappointed after defeat – Video

7) Cultivation thrives to the left of the city of Cancello

Another disgusting afternoon for Manchester City, part of the motivation was Jono Concelo, who looks like the right man to fill the left-back spot. One reason Cancello has struggled for stability since he made $ 60 million last summer is because he is rarely used consistently: on the side and outside, right-back and left-back and occasionally switched between midfields. But he is City’s best player against West Ham: tireless, creative, flexible in defense and an architect of Phil Foden’s equal goal. Cancello will be further enhanced with regular games; Given the city’s fitted list, he can be sure of getting them. Jonathan Leave

Match Report: West Ham 1-1 Manchester City

8) Failed to provide Saint-Maxim test

Alan Saint-Maximin thanked Newcastle fans for his dazzling skills, ability to intimidate defenders and often delivering a final product. This season the Frenchman became the main man at St. James’ Park, earning him a free role as a wolf. Unfortunately, providing the winger Card Blanche behind the striker did not bring the desired results because Steve Bruce was unable to make any impact on Saint-Maxim. That freedom did not apply to him because he used to scare the whole back all season, point out their weaknesses and use it to his advantage, failing to figure out how he could function centrally. Every character on the pitch had to have a purpose, and Saint-Maximin did not do so, despite the number of players appearing toothless at Newcastle. It’s interesting to see Bruce experiment, but in the future he may have to come up with a strategy with them. Will Unwin

Match Report: Wolves 1-1 at Newcastle

Alan Saint-Maximin of Newcastle is challenged by Robin Neves.

Alan Saint-Maximin of Newcastle is challenged by Robin Neves. Photo: Newcastle United / Getty Images

9) Antonio’s boldness shows the scattered signatures of Hammers

West Ham have had glossy names in recent years, with Sebastian Holler, Felipe Anderson and Javier Hernandez all proving that a big reputation is not a barrier to mediocrity. Yet David Moyes’s undoubtedly West Ham is a lot more than a team without star names and the sum of its parts. In one excellent joint scene, three of the standout artists signed from Ipswich, Nottingham Forest and Hull, while the Man of the Match came from the Youth Academy. There’s nothing to say that buying a big name doesn’t work, they simply swear more than they offer, especially when signing up on a scatter panic. Antonio’s goal on Saturday is a testament to the fact that his lack of glamor does not mean vision, courage or majestic talent. If Chad Benrahma can add more of those qualities, West Ham can get a taste of the real glamor: table top. Alex Hess

10) Lampart is still scratching his head to find the best formula

Although Chelsea’s approach to Saturday’s game made more sense than Manchester United, it had more questions than answers for Frank Lampard. Playing three center-boxes provides a defensive defense in numbers, but even in that build, Chelsea Had to rely on a lucrative decision from a poorly playing opponent, and its manager chose the wrong team in the wrong formation to protect their clean sheet. On top of that, with three attacking players on the pitch, they struggled to create serious opportunities. Although the creation and staff will vary with different foes, there is no distant sense that Lampart is close to finding his best formula. Daniel Harris

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