PREPA ensures that the ‘disruption’ that caused the blackout has occurred in the transmission and distribution system

PREPA ensures that the ‘disruption’ that caused the blackout has occurred in the transmission and distribution system

The ‘disruption’ that caused the blackout occurred at noon Monday, which has left more than 700,000 subscribers without electricity service in the transmission and distribution system that runs Loma EnergyThe CEO of . said Electric Power Authority (European Space Agency), Joshua Columbus.

The engineer reported that they were able to recover all the generation that was lost, initially estimated at 1,000 MW that affected power plant units in San Juan, Palo Seco and Aguirre. The event mainly affected the northeastern part of the country.

“We have recovered practically all the generation that was lost due to the disruption in the transmission and distribution system. Currently, we are producing 2,166 MW, and at the time of the failure, we were producing between 2050 and 2,100 MW. A large part of the affected customers should get, If not nearly all of them, on the service”pointed out.

Colon explained that with the sudden loss of customers, the units protected themselves and left the system.

“Something happened outside of them. What happened? We don’t have accurate information, LUMA has… they are tight-lipped”pointed out.

The foundation’s chief executive said he did not have enough details to be able to conclude “what happened and where it arose” of the turmoil.

“It’s unknown. What appears to be the disturbance – which could be in a transmission line or in the Bayamón substation, which lock, the system was protected and the whole system shut down—it affected units in San Juan and Palo Seco. “pointed out.

Colon stressed that engineers and workers at PREPA prevented a “general blackout” from occurring in the archipelago.

“We were able to install the system and make sure that the Aguirre, Costa Sur, Ecoelectrica and AES units were not lost”pointed out.

achieve LUMA

By 6:00 pm, the power system was almost completely restored. Only 400 subscribers continued without the electricity service related to this event.

LUMA spokesperson, glory onepointed to new day The event affected about 200 substations.

We’ve launched an investigation to find out what happened. Once we have the correct information, we will share it. Hopefully today.”One note.

By 3:30 p.m., LUMA had “recovered approximately 550 megawatts.”

However, LUMA later argued that They sent “engineers and technicians to the main substations to analyze the operation of the transmission lines and determine the cause of the outage. This analysis may take several days and we will work with PREPA and other generators to complete it.”

conservative Peter PierluisiOn the other hand, she tentatively confirmed this “The main collapse was in the Bayamon distribution center.”

“The important thing is that service be restored within hours, no more.”, the CEO confirmed reporters’ questions after participating in an event commemorating the birth of Louis A. Ferret in the Las Mercedes cemetery in Ponce.

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