“If things go wrong, step to the side and come another”

“If things go wrong, step to the side and come another”


San Lorenzo de Almagro fell 4-3 to Defense and Justice in a match lost by three goals and after that, coach Pedro Truglio provided his position.

“It’s true that coach times are not San Lorenzo times. San Lorenzo need to win yesterday, today and tomorrow. It’s a reality. Today I’m glad that the team that plagued boys who have a rebellion for the sake of preserving the climate, people were barbaric. Even when they got 3- 0”, he began speaking at a press conference.

At this tournament start in Argentina, Cuervo only added 1 point out of the 9 contested, and Troglio knows the pressure that this entails.

“As I said on the first day; if things go wrong for me, that’s my problem. I can’t condemn the players, I have to get the players back. I don’t care if they annoy me, I don’t care if things go wrong, because if it happens, that’s it, step into The side and the other come. I have to choose the moments and try to look for the best for San Lorenzo and for myself,” he said.

The former Olympia coach is aware that there is a dire need for positive results, but he also highlights that they have many youngsters on the team.

Troglio was consulted about some refereeing errors that could change the course of the game.

“I don’t want to go into the subject of the referee. We need results, but a draw would not have been amazing. What I see leaves me calm, and I still understand that the coach’s times do not match the times of the institution and one has to add points, because it is the most important thing.

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Finally, don’t think that this bitter start goes through the emotional issue of whom you’re addressing. “For me, it’s not about the position, the team was not lacking in that, what was missing was something else, it was there in the second half; the ability to give two passes in a row.” I finish.

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