President Abinader resumes tourism in Saman

President Abinader resumes tourism in Saman

In addition to providing a comprehensive tourism development plan for the province, President Louis Abinader announced yesterday the resumption of tourism in Saman during a meeting with cluster members with the Federation of Hotels and Tourism Companies.

A commission from the Saman Tourism Cluster and the Saman Hotel and Tourism Association (AHETSA) received the President, along with the first lady, Raguel Arbaaz, at the Puerto Bahia Hotel.

At the end of the meeting, President Abinader and Tourism Minister David Colado gave details of the project, which will begin with the intervention of the Samane Gateway, led by the Ministry of Public Works, Telekne Ascension; Renovation of the boardwalk and some small projects to improve it, both of which have been included in this year’s budget.

“This project reaffirms the government’s support for projects such as the Samane Bay harbor and the Arroyo Bar. In addition, we must preserve the Sanchez’s historic center with a great tradition of renovation,” President Abinader said.

He also announced that a date would be set for each project as the budget is consolidated.

The President announced the embracing of the landscapes of Las Terrenas and Samane, by the President’s special plans and strategic plans. Within a year, the solid waste problem in the province is expected to be resolved.

More than 100,000 jobs

The President appreciated the comprehensive vision to address the resumption of tourism and the support received by the Government from private banks to develop this sector. “When we support tourism, we think of hundreds of thousands of Dominicans earning a living from tourism. Since August 2020, we have recovered more than a million jobs, even though the sector has been hit hard by the epidemic,” he told the Associated Press.

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Public-private partnership flights from the United States

Tourism Minister David Collado has announced that President Abinader has approved $ 2 million in trade deals with airlines to operate direct flights from the United States to Samane.

“These five months have done more for Saman than many years. This is a clear sign of the government’s commitment to tourism and especially to this province,” Colorado said.

Currently, hotel accommodation in Saman is 76%, he promised.

Last September, the President visited Samana and asked the tourism entrepreneurs in the area to come up with a plan to sustain tourism in the region and benefit all sectors.

Abinader emphasized the need for the government to resume tourism in the region and to make the Dominican Republic a better destination for tourists we receive each year through ports and airports.


The head of state yesterday inaugurated the El Liman Playa Moron Highway in Saman, the first phase of which was announced, built and issued with an investment of $ 121.3 million, with a length of 6.2 km.

This work includes the reconstruction of the access road to the El Liman-Agua Sabrosa-Playa Moron-Punta Lanza del Norda, which was built by the Ministry of Tourism through the Executive Committee on Infrastructure for Tourism Zones. He explained that more than 40 works are being carried out in the tourist areas and for the sake of equality, a major shipping project and dock will be announced soon.

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Driving force

Abinadar expressed the government’s desire to promote tourism to the maximum. “We have the best beaches on the planet. We already know that, and now we’m sure everyone knows this,” Abinader said.

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Prior to the opening ceremony, the president said there was a “legal knot” in explaining the reason for the slow completion of 95% of the works left by the previous government because the law allows them to exceed 25% of the executive budget.


He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations.

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