Prisoners Defenders condemns the Cuban doctors who were sent to Mexico by the regime from the military and were not specialists

Prisoners Defenders condemns the Cuban doctors who were sent to Mexico by the regime from the military and were not specialists

The NGO denounced Prisoners Defenders (PD) This Thursday at a press conference in Mexico, which The Cuban doctors sent to that country this year, as part of Agreement between the regime and the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador They belong to the army and none of them are a specialist.

“The Cuban government, lest its specialists abandon the mission in order to reach the United States, sends only primary care doctors, of very dubious preparations who also belong to the island’s army,” said Javier Larondo, director of the NGO. Referring to the 60 doctors who arrived from the island in July to the Mexican state of Nayarit.

Larondo participated in the recording of the testimony of a Cuban doctor who narrated it anonymously Already, 17 doctors who arrived in Mexico via military airports have abandoned their mission.

The director of the police department explained that all of them have their official passports taken away upon arrival and have movement restrictions, as in all medical missions in other countries.

Cuba fears that it will run out of specialists and that is why the doctors it sent to Mexico during the epidemic were not specialistsAll of them are primary care. On that occasion we took a five day course to be intense. And so they sent us, despite the fact that the Mexican technicians are receiving better training, because they have more advanced technology,” said the doctor.

Former Mexican journalist and lawmaker Beatriz Bages also participated in the press conference, which summoned President Lopez Obrador “to explain how soldiers can enter Mexican territory disguised as doctors” and described this act as an “assault on sovereignty” and “against the laws.” It represents a clear intervention sponsored by the Mexican government itself.”

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Cuban doctors have a political, military and indoctrination mission more than a health one. This complaint exposes the falseness of the narrative planted by the government that we need doctors that we do not have,” confirmed former MP Bagis.

The Vice-President of the European Parliament, Dita Charanzova, and Javier Nart, First Vice-President of the European Parliament Delegation for Central America also participated in the conference, denouncing slavery and the exploitative nature of the Cuban medical missions.

Also speaking at the conference was Ricardo Pasco, a Mexican diplomat and politician. Desiree Navarro, journalist and human rights activist. The mediator was Mariito Ponce, a Mexican civil society activist.

At the end of last July, deputies from the opposition bloc of the National Action Party revealed this The Mexican government will pay 146,000 Mexican pesos to Havana ($7,140) for each doctor. Although the amount that Cuban professionals will receive has not been announced, the usual practice is that between 10% and 25% of what goes to the authorities of the countries in which they carry out their tasks.

Representative Julen Rentemería del Puerto described the money that every doctor gave to the Cuban regime as “shameless, illegal and absurd funding for another country, just to try to help it. There is no way it can be justified.”

For his part, Representative Marco Cortes Mendoza questioned If the Cubans sent through the agreement are already doctors.

“I can practically say that these people who have come, whom I respect because of their personal condition, are not doctors. There is not a single document proving their status as health professionals who could be here,” the Mexican politician said.

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Human health and care services generated 3,997,948.3 million pesos out of the 6,879,664.9 million pesos received in 2020 for the government of Cuba.For the concept of exporting services. Health was exactly 58.1% of this total. Despite this, Havana insists that its “medical missions” are an expression of its “international vocation” and part of the “humanitarian” goal of the revolution.

Human rights violations of Cuban doctors deported abroad It has been widely documented and denounced. Since 2019, PD has obtained more than 1,800 testimonies from victims they described Modern slavery working conditions In the system’s “missions” in 47 countries between 2002 and 2022.

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