PRO seeks to expand the youth space at La Pampa

PRO seeks to expand the youth space at La Pampa

At the end of the week they welcomed the national authority, Martin Cesar. They said, “We support the return of the children to the classroom.”

The president of the “Supporting Youth of Argentina”, Martin Cesar, met Representative Martin Arduhen, Representative Laura Trapablia, party leader, Enrique Juan, and Macrista’s youth mentor in the region, Joaquin Friel.

“It is necessary to strengthen and expand our area and proximity scheme,” said the head of the National Youth Program in PRO.

He said, “The way is perseverance and prudence, and showing society that we have fulfilled the mission of being a government.”

For his part, Joaquin Friel stressed, “We have been champions and have been giving great discussions in recent times and there is no doubt that the most important thing has been education, as we move as youth to return children to the classroom.”

Regional Representative Martin Arduhin stressed that “we must be prepared to give all discussions about the issues that occur to exercise the representation that suits us.”

After the meeting, JPro representatives, along with a group of gunmen, visited the Manos Solidarias dining room in the San Caetano neighborhood, where Carlos Javier Mac Allister appeared a month earlier.

At the site, they were received by officials, Gladys Rozan, to take part in a social activity in which they brought school supplies to “restart classes early.”

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