Progress in restoring public space to the Plaza “La Amistad” – Latest news from Zona Norte | News

Progress in restoring public space to the Plaza “La Amistad” – Latest news from Zona Norte |  News

The Mayor of Malvinas Argentinas, Leo Nardini, oversaw the progress in recapturing the Plaza de la Amistad. It is located between Rio de Janeiro, Trinidad and Alvarez Gunte and the streets of Assemblyi, in the Parque Alvear neighborhood, in the town of Tortuguetas. On a base of 8,455 square meters, the venue is made to look new for the enjoyment of families.

The mayor said: ????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????? It used to be called “La Amistad”, but it did not have urban facilities or easy access to it. The work is really advanced, and it would be very nice. “It’s a detailed work with the national government, through the program? Argentina is it ???????????????????????? ??????????????? Ministry of Public Works ??.

In order to enhance connectivity, the square will have a central path connecting Assembly and Álvarez Jonte Streets, as well as surrounding roads and internal roads. In the center, there will be an amphitheater with stage and concrete terraces, a place where residents can sit to appreciate the cultural and social events that take place there, and it will also be an open place for entertainment.

Previously, the place had a gaming sector, and now a new space is being created with games designed for different ages, games of different sizes, all-encompassing and comprehensive. In terms of cleaning and the green part, new trees, litter boxes, and irrigation lines will be placed.

Meanwhile, in order to promote this sport, work is being carried out on two recreational football and tennis courts, and an artificial turf soccer field of 748 square meters, with a concrete floor in the perimeter; New break areas and sectors with healthy toys. Additionally, you can find parking spaces where you can drop off your bikes. The mayor said, “The square will be very lit, so people can enjoy it in the best way, and be a safe place.”

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Restoring public space is a high-impact policy that includes all social sectors, equalizes, and works to improve the quality of life for the people of the neighborhood. ???????????????????????????????????????? Liu Nardini concluded that it also adds to the family meeting, can everyone enjoy the square ??

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