Proof that the earth will collapse on its axis

Proof that the earth will collapse on its axis

The first man-made photograph of the Earth (1968). Christie, via

New evidence confirms Earth’s past planetary inclination, in which the solid outer layer of the planet was associated with or even the axis of rotation.

By 20 minutes

New research published in Nature Communications, directed by the Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI), describes the conditions under which an event called the “polar shift” develops: the movement of a pole in relation to a frame-fixed reference.

Scientific explanation

Earth is a layered ball, the inner center of solid metal, the outer center of liquid metal and a solid mantle and crust on the surface where we live. All of these spin like more than once a day. Since the outer core of the earth is liquid, the solid mantle and crust may slide over it. The relatively dense structures suppress the oceans and massive volcanoes such as Hawaii prefer to be close to the equator.

Despite this displacement of the crust, the Earth’s magnetic field is generated by electricity in the Ni-Fe metal, the convection fluid of the outer core. In the long run, the displacement of the upper mantle and crust does not affect the center because the upper rock layers are exposed to the Earth’s magnetic field. Conversely, the convective patterns at this outer center are forced to dance on the axis of rotation of the Earth, i.e. the overall shape of the Earth’s magnetic field is predictable, propagating in the same way as filing. The iron is aligned on a small magnetic bar.

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