MSI Optix MAG301CR2 Monitor Review

MSI Optix MAG301CR2 Monitor Review

For gamers looking to get the high standard game display on an affordable budget, the MSI Optix MAG301CR2 monitor is the best option. Its ultrawide screen offers a resolution of a 30” 2560×1080 (WFHD) and 200Hz refresh rate. The excellent color accuracy enables one to see or play the game without any distortion or tinting. 

For a perfect and customized gaming station, pairing it with the best gaming keyboards under 100 makes it even more worthwhile. One of its cool features is AMD Freesync Technology, which ultimately minimizes any screen tearing or input lag for smooth display.

Wait, the new MIS Optix MAG301CR2 has some more features to discuss. Let’s have a look at them in detail!


  • Display: 29.5-inch Anti-glare VA panel 
  • Curvature: 1500R 
  • Brightness: 300 
  • WFHD Resolution: Yes 
  • Refresh rate: 200Hz 
  • Response time: 1ms 
  • Gaming OSD App: Yes 
  • Night vision: Yes 
  • AMD Free-Sync Technology: Yes 
  • Angle view: 180°

Some Incredible Features 

Easy Installation 

Forget about complicated installation processes and unfriendly interfaces. The MAG series provides a gaming PC that is easy to install with a user interface designed for gamers who feel like a pro, even if one is playing for the first time!

200Hz Refresh Rate With Fast-Forward 1ms Response Time 

With a refresh rate of 200 Hz and response time of 1 ms, these monitors are the best choice for fast-paced online games like First Person Shooters, Fighters, and Racing Sims. The enhanced monitor specs allow a gamer to reach the top of the game! 

Enhanced Night Vision Mode  

The world’s first smart black tuner brightens day gaming and dark nights with its ability to bring out the fine details even in dark areas. This means one can also enjoy the same gaming experience while playing till late at night. 

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Full Gaming Coverage

The Optix MAG301CR2 Curved Gaming Monitor has more gamut coverage than most general monitors do. Which further refines the gameplay image while pushing immersion back to its origin. 

178 Degrees Wide Gaming View Angle 

Instead of playing games with a multi-monitor setup, this MAG’s large monitor offers gameplay on a very wide display spread over 178°. The immersion will be much better than before because the game goes all the way to edges instead of stopping at each screen’s border.

Selection As Per The Gaming Mode 

With fast-paced games, one may want to boost brightness or color saturation. While slow-moving games require settings that enhance contrast and reduce blue light emissions for a sharper image quality without straining one’s eyesight. Therefore, gamers can choose the mode based on the type of games they are looking to play. 

However, it’s ideal for FPS games because of its low input lag and high refresh rate. But it’s not only limited to these type of games – works well from anything in between RTS games to RPGs! 

Gaming OSD APP Advantages 

With the Gaming OSD app, one can quickly set up a monitor’s settings with a few mouse clicks. Don’t worry about navigating through different menus on-screen – use hotkeys so that when switching between games. 


  • 200hz & 1ms response rate.
  • Vibrant colors scheme.
  • 180° gaming coverage. 
  • Budget-friendly monitor. 
  • USB Type-C port for seamless connectivity between input devices. 


  • Not accurate color vibration.
  • Gamers can face some ghosting issues. 

Conquer The Battlefield With Mag Optix MAG301R2 30-Inch Curved


The screen is best for playing epic battles as it covers most of the front and side overview. Smooth and clear screen display to target and dominate your enemies. However, it can’t be a good fit for new or professional gamers. It’s pretty much viable, depending on its budget.

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