PSG crushes Albert Ellis’ Girondins de Bordeaux. Mbappé, Neymar and Paredes scored

PSG crushes Albert Ellis’ Girondins de Bordeaux.  Mbappé, Neymar and Paredes scored


Final score, PSG 3-0 Bordeaux.

The contest ends: the Girondins de Bordeaux have not raised their heads in France, and with each passing day the burning of descent is closer.

They lost 3-0 to PSG this Sunday. Honduran’s Albeth Ellis played 68 minutes in defeat; The goals for the Paris team were scored by Mbappé, Neymar and Leandro Paredes.

Table of positions

86 ‘ Stick! Lionel Messi shoots from outside the area with his left foot, the ball shakes the metal. The fourth Bordeaux was saved.

83 ‘ Little or nothing happens on the lawn. PSG has already confirmed success.

80 ‘ If we talk about the performance of Keeler Navas, the Costa Rica goalkeeper showed a great game and included many more.

70 ‘ Ellis had a sensible game, if he participates, but Paris is a steamroller. Nevertheless, he gave his best.

68 ‘ Honduran Alphabet Ellis exits and Seko Mara enters his position. The match for the little leopard is over.

63 ‘ Stop Keeler! Elise’s shot and goalkeeper destroy it. But it was offside

61 ‘ GOOOOOOOOOOOOLAZO from PSG, Leandro Paredes used a rebound, cut up to three men from Bordeaux and scored third points against Bordeaux.

52 ‘Neymar’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, Messi’s filtered pass to 2-0 with the arrival of Agraf, the center of Morocco and Brazil.

We are going to the Parc des Princess for the second time.

45 + 2 ‘ Everything indicates that we will go 1-0 at the break of the match.

43 ‘ As expected, Bordeaux is behind, forcing Elise to go below the PSG mark.

39 ‘ Guillaume’s fault for bringing down Neymar was also condemned for Paradise complaints.

35 ‘ PSG fans do not forgive players. Mbappé is not the only one whistling.

30 ‘ Bordeaux PSG is playing against leftovers. Complex competition for the audience.

26 ‘ Albert Ellis is the most participant in the right wing. Honduran tried, but PSG’s defense was always well stopped.

25 ‘ With this goal, Mbappé equaled Ben Yedder (Monaco) as the highest scoring player in League 1 with 15 goals.

23 ‘ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, Mbappé received first marks from PSG. The French are stubborn. Messi begins the play, leaving Giorgio alone with Georgino Vijnold to define as he pleases. We are 1-0.

Twenty ‘ Missing Neymar and Messi, whistle in Paris.

Eleven ‘ UFFF became PSG! Messi’s excellent pass to Neymar, who took the goalkeeper off, but not exactly defined.

6 ‘ Stop another keeler! But it was offside for Hwang

Two ‘ Messi and Neymar whistle at the Park de los Principes after PSG’s defeat in the Champions League.

1 ‘ Keeler Nawaz Stop! Odin’s long shot destroys the room. .


Girondins Bordeaux and Alberth Elis make a tough comeback against PSG in Ligue 1.

After being knocked out by Real Madrid in the Champions League, Messi, Neymar, Mbabane and the company arrived. The Parisians are forced to win.

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This is a good fight because you have to add Bordeaux to get out of last place in the stages.

Confirmed Rows:

PSG : Kaylor Nawaz; Agraf, Marginos, Kimbebe, Nuno Mendes; Walls, Danilo, Vijnaldam; Messi, Mbabane and Neymar.

Gorontins of Bordeaux: பசின்; Gregerson, Marcelo, Ahmadotsik; Guadeng, Quilawokui, Onana, Ui-jo; Audley, Ellis and Odin.

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